Triangles Temptations And Talking The Small Stuff (My Review Of The Boux Avenue Summer Collection)

Hey Readers

Like many women I love all  shopping and try to keep myself as stylish as my 50 something years allows me to. Seriously I could get lost when I’m out on a fashion splurge and spend my money on everything from lipstick to lingerie but no matter what I buy one of the key reasons for doing it has to be value for money and I’m a firm believer in the saying mammy taught me in other words you get what you pay for.  

This is particularly true when it comes to lingerie. This if we are not careful can become a woman’s greatest hidden expense so in this post I’ll be talking the small stuff and explaining why a visit to my favourite lingerie boutique is a must for every woman. Well think about it for a minute, how many times have we had to buy bras because the one’s we were wearing didn’t fit properly or there has been a sudden change in our bust size?

That’s why good lingerie is essential and it doesn’t come any better than Boux Avenue which in my opinion is the ultimate in style and comfort. The fact it is also the classiest store of its kind may also be a reason why I love this place so much. As we reach the height of summer I have decided to share some of the some of the styles in store for the season and would strongly recommend you take a closer  look at them by paying a visit to the Buchanan Galleries and checking them out  for yourselves. 

Picture 1 Shows the Triangle Bra  in a range of colours both traditional white and the more colourful turquoise and what I would call summer red. This style is I think suitable for both day and evening wear and the triangle shape lends itself well to either smart or causal wear.


Picture 2  Shows a gorgeous range of pastel coloured bra’s designed to give maximum boost to enhance your figures thus empowering you with the confidence to make the most of your shape.  This range is suitable for larger sized women but also for those among us who may want to add a touch of definition to our figure. If I was wearing a bra in this style I would probably be wearing it with a dress with a full neckline to maximise the lmpact. This is definitely not a bra to worn with an open neck dress or a short top at least not when you get to my age it isn’t.


As you can see at the bottom of the picture This bra comes in a set with the knickers in various styles. Personally I prefer those which will cover my modesty if only because of the comfort issue. Well I was always brought up believe that comfort was more important than style but then my mother was always a bit too conservative that way. In my opinion one is as important as the other so when you can get something than balances both then you’ve won the jackpot.

Picture 3 Captures the new fashion love of my life. The Strapless or Multiway Bra. I love this type of bra for a million and one different reasons not least of which is comfort. It easily the best bra I’ve ever worn in fact I would told by a member of staff that once I had gone strapless I would never wear anything else how right she is. This is perfect bra for me not least because I don’t need to spend half my life adjusting straps which never sit right on the shoulders. The fact I can wear this type of bra with a backless dress should I dare to is in my opinion another option for me and come Pride Glasgow it’s an option I may decide to take . Of course me living in Glasgow this will depend on the weather but it’s nice to have the choice.


Picture 4 Shows the same bra  but with better lighting and shows the colours in the photograph to be white and nude. As it’s strapless it is only available in three colours the other being black as white, nude , and black are the three most popular colours for every day wear.


At the bottom of this picture you can see a sign advertising free knickers when you buy this bra. Trust me it’s a good offer and excellent value for money  and Boux Avenue kickers are like their bras renowned for comfort, quality, and affordability. Well let’s be honest ladies I never wear anything else so believe me I know what I’m talking about.

It is for that reason plus fantastic customer service from friendly staff with a great product knowledge that I would recommend my favourite lingerie boutique to anyone. From Triangles to colours like Lemon and  Turquoise which look so good at this time of year  they’ve got it all at prices which won’t hurt your purse. This is a company where the signature style is classic but  affordable, so pop along and see for yourselves. If you do I think you might just find something to tempt you.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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