Family Tree

Hey Readers

I wrote this poem on attending an impromptu independence gathering in George Square.
The demonstration was called after the EU Referendum highlighted the difference between Scotland and the rest of the UK as we voted to Remain with Europe whilst the rest of the UK voted to leave.

As is always the case at these gatherings I caught up with many good friends who like myself campaigned for an independent Scotland during the last referendum and a good few who had been active in the movement for many years before it. However on this occasion I met a number of new members of our independence family including a number of people who had voted no in 2014. It is with this in mind I have written this poem both to welcome them in to the family and remind those of us who were part of the last campaign that it is time to let the past rest as it must and move on by welcoming  our new supporters to our independence family. I have given this poem the title Family Tree I hope you enjoy the read.  

Family Tree

In the calm of the evening
the family gathered
to chat, connect, make plans
we understand the bonds that keep us strong
the sense of belonging
we sing songs as we watch the family grow
with new members introduced on arrival
welcomed with open arms
sheltered from harm by more experienced hands
who have walked this road before
now you will hear us roar
for a nation of inclusion and acceptance
independence is more than flags and banners
it is for right to make decisions
In Scotland’s name
we will not be yoked to the ball and chain of Westminster
with this sinister distrust of others
they seek to create
we support the politics of inclusion
fear and hate are things we refuse to do
In the name of the red white and blue
or any other colour
we have discovered a new way forward
where Scotland has a voice
in the wider global family
where at last we can speak for ourselves
set our own agenda
for a kinder country
where all are welcome
and where a stranger is a friend
you haven’t met
as the family gathered
we pledged never to forget
the promise we made to our nation
and each other
new sisters and brothers
will be cherished and respected
we will celebrate the arrival of every daughter and son
as roots are nourished by each new arrival
and the family tree grows stronger

@ Gayle Smith 2016



4 thoughts on “Family Tree

  1. Brilliant poem a work of art. Yes l open my arms to all new supporters together we can gain strength and let Scottish voices be heard.

    • Thanks Eileen. I hope this poem sends a positive message to those voters who may be considering making a journey to yes that they would be warmly welcomed as part of the family.

      Love And Best Wishes
      Gayle X

    • Hey Frances The only way to win our independence is by welcoming those former opponents who now want to be part of our movement and who share with us the vision of a better, fairer and more inclusive Scotland. I welcome each and every one of them to our yes family and I hope many more will join them on the journey to the Scotland we seek to build.

      Best Wishes
      Gayle X

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