Why Britain Must Wish For A Leader Like Nicola

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As Frankie Boyle recently observed in one of his sharp, snappy tweets it is amusing to watch a country whose motto is keep calm
and carry on go in to a full blown meltdown. It is of course potentially at least  even more amusing if unlike myself you don’t have friends who are of opposing political viewpoints when the country concerned is the United Kingdom. This is a country whose political establishment have a smug, sanctimonious , attitude to those they perceive to be too much like Johnny Foreigner and not quite good enough to be
like them and has lead to it becoming the pariah state of Europe.

It is exactly that kind of establishment thinking which has led to the xenophobia which was a major factor in the Brexit vote which shocked both Europe and the world in the early hours of Friday 24th June. This is a vote which will despite the delusions of some in the chattering classes be forced to honour the democratic will of the people of England and Wales and leave the European Union which if truth be told it has never felt comfortable being a part of. 

Note I say this vote is the democratic will of the people of England and Wales, I make this point as the other nations of the United Kingdom Scotland and Northern Ireland voted in large numbers to remain in Europe. The United Kingdom is less united than it has ever been at in its history.

So how do I regard this discontent in my country ? Well I need to select my words carefully at this momentous time in our shared history as I realise many people will be hurting and the last thing I would want to do as add to the pain they will undoubtedly be feeling.

To an extent I share their sadness even if Britishness has never been my identity of choice. Though I am and have always been a supporter of Scottish independence it gives me no comfort to see the country I have always lived in even if I’ve never quite called it home in such a state of flux.

There is a lot of talk in the press and media and amongst politicians as to how we by which they mean they can reunite the United Kingdom. What they haven’t done however is make any dignified attempt at leading this country they want to unite. Both the Conservative and Labour parties have imploded in the last few days with the only causalities being democracy and the British people who put their trust 

Firstly let’s look at the Conservatives. The party of government have in my opinion a moral duty to lead the country and give it a sense of both purpose and direction this government are providing neither and there panic reaction to the events of the last few days have shown that they are more divided than even their worst critics had suspected.

 Whilst Boris Johnson celebrates a vote to travel back in time faster than Doctor Who’s tardis there are many  Conservatives for whom the Brexit vote was an unmitigated disaster and that starts at the top of the party as David Cameron announced on Friday that he intends to stand down as Prime Minister in October in the light of this result. With his right hand man and Chancellor, George Osborne not seen for days both the conservative party and the country are lacking the leadership which is so badly needed at this time.

Now you would think that with the Conservatives so badly divided over Europe and the resignation of David Cameron as Prime Minister the Labour Party would seize this god given opportunity and present themselves as a united and capable opposition to show the country (Britain) they are not only fit for purpose but fit for government. Instead as I shift my attention to their problems I see a party whose elite political class hereby by known as Westminster MP’s which has more in common with lemmings than left wingers. I view with a mixture of amusement and a disdain an egocentric group of fanatics who are still loyal to the former leader Tony Blair and who serving their Tory masters rather than their own constituents choose this moment to stick the knife in to their current leader Jeremy Corbyn by resigning from a number of shadow cabinet and junior shadow ministerial posts.

This in my opinion is act of treachery and betrayal in fact, it’s worse than that it is an act of collective insanity and confirms my belief that madness is not confined to King George. These people seem to forget it is less than a year since Jeremy Corbyn was elected leader of the Labour Party with over 60 percent of the vote

The most high profile of these petulant and pompous politicians include Angela Eagle, Hilary Benn, and Labour’s Shadow Secretary Ian Murray. I must admit I find Murray’s resignation particularly amusing as he only got the job because he was Labour’s only Scottish MP after they were routed at last year’s UK election by the SNP. For Ian Murray to say that Jeremy Corbyn isn’t up to the job of being leader of the Labour Party and that people don’t see him as capable of winning a general election is I think an extreme example of putting your ego before the good of your party and the country especially with Labour at least in England and Wales being ahead in the polls.

Now I have been informed by some of the chattering classes that the reason for Labour using this opportunity to get rid of Corbyn is because the party are on war footing and have to be ready to fight a snap election which could be held at any minute. Personally I think these people are badly in need of a reality check as under The Fixed Term Parliament Act there is no need for any election snap or otherwise to be held until 2020 no matter how much they may want one. If anything, history has proven there that when a Prime Minister leaves office their successor is usually in no hurry to test their electoral popularity and as recent history has shown John Major, and Gordon Brown both of whom became Prime Minister at the mid point of a parliamentary term served the full time available to them in order to enhance their credibility and gain a reputation for being a competent leader of both their party and the country. To me merits of this strategy are debatable, though history will show whether you agree with his politics or not it was a lot more effective for Major than it was for Brown.

Party politics aside with both of the main UK parties in turmoil. I can’t help but think that many voters in the rest of the nations of the UK must be wishing their party of choice had a leader like the first minister of Scotland and my party leader Nicola Sturgeon. An excellent debater who is politically engaged with the voters Ms Sturgeon is universally admired by her own party members and has earned respect across party lines. This is a leader who actually leads as from the front and has a growing reputation as a stateswoman because of it. Calm and assured under pressure Nicola Sturgeon is exactly the kind of leader Britain needs at this time in its history. What a pity they don’t have a leader of her calibre.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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