The Gift That Keeps On Giving Has Failed The Campaign Test

Hey Readers.

As we approach the most important UK wide vote since 1975 and less than 24 hours before Britain goes to the polls to decide to whether or not to remain in the European Union  the leader of Labour’s Scottish branch Kezia Dugdale has compared the Leave campaign to Yes Scotland which campaigned for Scottish independence referendum.

This is the latest in a series of high profile gaffes by Ms Dugdale who though likeable in a personal capacity, has or so it seems an uncanny knack of putting her foot very firmly in her mouth at a moments notice. Indeed Ms Dugdale has been cautioned by former Westminster Labour MP for Glasgow South Tom Harris who is chair of the Scottish Leave campaign to tone down the referendum rhetoric and I have to say that on this occasion I agree with the former honorable member.

Believe me this is something I never thought I would live long enough to say and agreeing with the most right wing representative Labour has ever had does make me feel ever so slightly uneasy. I mean this is a man who would make the likes of George Robertson, and Gordon Brown Look like later day versions of Karl Marx and that in itself is no mean achievement.

As f insulting yes supporters just hours before the vote Kezia has yet again let her rivalry with the SNP get in the way of the facts and could actually have damaged support for the remain campaign had the SNP support had been in any way as petty as she has been in making this regrettable comparison

By all accounts Kezia is a thoroughly decent woman and I have that on good authority from many members of the SNP who know and like her whilst honourably disagreeing with her politics. However this episode shows why the more unkind amongst her opponents describe her as the gift that keeps on giving as this argument is couched in the language of the simpleton. Indeed I was faced with a similar smear from someone whom I consider to be the most gullible human being I have ever met. I dismantled this vacuous argument on that on that occasion and I am going to do it again. I say this not out of malice but because I believe that if an argument is flawed you have both a moral and political duty to expose those flaws.

Now I don’t know about you but I would have that Kezia Dugdale would have had better things to do that indulge in petty political posturing which she knows contain not one single grain of truth. You see most SNP members I know will be voting for remain and doing so for exactly the same reasons we voted yes on the 18th of September 2014. You see we stick with our principles and believe in a Europe that works for Scotland. I know that the European Union is far from perfect and there are many areas in which it needs reform but unlike the British union we believe that this is a union which works for Scotland rather than conspiring against it.

It is my opinion that Kezia Dugdale by making this quite frankly ludicrous statement has shown her one of her greatest political shortcomings and that is naivety as nobody who wishes to be considered to be a remotely credible politician would have made such a sweeping generalisation about those who for the most part are on the same side as they are on this occasion.

This inflammatory comment shows why a potentially talented politician will in all probability never be elected First Minister of our nation as she is far too accident prone to be charged with this level of responsibility. She is if you like, a politician who though nice enough is quite clearly out of her depth and believe me it shows that she has been the right job ten years too early.

I illustrate this by saying that to any impartial observer the Yes campaign and that of Brexit could not be further apart and though it may be cruel to do so I think to remind Kezia Dugdale that it wasn’t the yes campaign which was endorsed by UKIP, Britain First , and the Loyal Orange Order it was better together the pro unionist campaign of which she was proud to be proud to be a part. Yes all leaders of the Brexit Boys Club were red white and blue union jackers to the very core of their being.

So sorry as I am to burst Kezia’s bubble she really has left me no choice. You see I won’t tolerate a false comparison between the positive vision of the yes campaign and the relentless British nationalist negativity of Brexiters. Indeed there is only one vague similarity between these two very arguments and that is that Kezia Dugdale opposed them both. So it seems to me that in that Kezia gained her political awareness not from the school of hard knocks or the university of life but the school of petulant politics at which she was the star student at least she was if you believe her mentor George Foulkes. Meanwhile if like myself, you are more inclined to live in the real world it has to be said that statements like I want Nicola Sturgeon’s desk do not present the image of a potential future leader of our country.

I will concede that it may be perceived I am being ever so unkind with that latest comment, though after all having been a judge in what in the fiercely competitive world of spoken word poetry contests I am known to be a very harsh marker. However if there is one thing I can pride myself on it’s my honesty. I have given Kezia plenty of praise in the past when I believed she deserved it and will do again when the occasion demands, But when you fail your campaign test it illustrates why no matter how nice you may be then you can never be the kind of politician to whom I or any others who have political savvy would look for leadership or inspiration.

Indeed at the recent Scottish Election where her party was pushed in to third place behind the SNP and Ruth Davidson’s Conservatives and if you judge on constituency seats alone fourth place behind the Liberal Democrats it was identified that one of Labour’s key problems was that Kezia Dugdale had a major credibility problem with the Scottish voters who couldn’t see her as a credible challenger to Nicola Sturgeon let alone an alternative First Minister and believe me when I say that outbursts like this one will do nothing to remedy that issue for her or her party.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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