The Thoughts Of McGonagall On The European Union Referendum And Why We Should Vote To Remain

Hey Readers.

I’m relaxing at home after an enjoyable and highly entertaining day at the 2016 McGonagall Supper hosted as always by Irene and Colin Storrie. This annual homage to the the man dubbed the worst poet in the world is now in its 11th year and that is entirely due to the fantastic hospitality given by Irene and Colin who have created an event which is one of the highlights of my summer poetry calendar.

Amongst those in attendance this evening were Words and Music regulars Andy Fleming, Alex Frew , Jane Overton , Lesley MacKay , Derek Read, Jim Ewing, Jim Monaghan, and our club’s founding mother Pamela Duncan who brought some family members along to enjoy the day. It was also lovely to share in Rosie Mappleback’s birthday celebrations and meet Andy Fleming’s new girlfriend Christine who paid the gathering what I think must be the ultimate complement when she said that it was being amongst family. I think in that one sentence she summed up what this day really is all about. It was a wonderful afternoon and early evening spent with a great group of friends as is always the case on this occasion.

As one of the originals who was at the first McGonagall supper, I have now attended 10 out 11 McGonagall’s which is no mean feat. So believe me, I know only too clearly the tradition which needs to be observed, namely that poets who attend this gathering must not only read a poem by our bard in celebration of his work but should compose a poem in McGonagall style it is with this in mind that I write a new McGonagall poem every year and this year my topic is the upcoming referendum where McGonagall declares for Remain. I have have given it the title The Thoughts Of McGonagall On The European Union Referendum And Why We Should Vote To Remain I hope you enjoy the read.

The Thoughts Of McGonagall On The European Union Referendum And Why We Should Vote To Remain

Dear voters of the United Kingdom of Great Britain
On Thursday 23rd of June you will have to make a very important decision
This is the time when you must make a choice and you must never again complain
As with regards to the European Union you have to vote to leave or to remain

Now this referendum is leaving many people feeling most vexed
Some are positively bewildered whilst others are just plain perplexed
I myself even now am by this matter most bemused
Whilst some of the less well read are it seems very easily confused

I have read many comments on facebook which make me smile
They were by written those who should appear on Jeremy Kyle
These people I have to proclaim are most uneducated
And if they appeared on his show Jeremy Kyle would quickly be very frustrated

The leave campaign in full of union jacks and most scary stories
It is great to see George Galloway pals with Nigel Farage and the Tories
This man has a heart filled with hate and which we all clearly see
And is an insult to the Magdaline Green and the beautiful city of Dundee

This scallywag is the patron saint of bandanas
But the whole leave campaign is beginning to drive me bananas
It caused me distress when I saw Boris Johnson on This Morning
Waken up voters please heed my words of wisdom as a warning

You see if you vote for Brexit it will be most sinister
When you waken up with Bo Jo as your Prime Minister
This is something I would in a most earnest manner caution against
As he would make Margaret Thatcher look like Tony Benn

There is I am afraid in my heart a real fear we will leave
By I as McGonagall’s voice do declare and believe
That in spite of Cameron, Blair and Osborne and Brown
Being on the same side as myself
that you will not let us down

So dear undecided voters of the United Kingdom of Great Britain
On Thursday 23rd of June when you make your decision
If your not in the club then will have no right to complain
So with that in mind please remember to vote Remain

@ Gayle Smith 2016


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