In The Name Of A Brilliant And Principled Woman It’s Time For A Better Type Of Politics

Hey Readers

Less than a week after Orlando I am left reeling and at yet more senseless slaughter this time much closer to home as Labour MP Jo Cox was stabbed and gunned down in cold blood by a man thought to have links with far right organisations in Britain and further afield.  Jo Cox leaves her husband Brendan  and two young children while all her murderer left was destruction, death, and heartbreak for her family, friends, and colleagues. 

Ms Cox had only been an MP for just over a year and as one the new MP’s she was gaining a reputation as a campaigner for social justice and those most in need of a voice including the Syrian refugees who had arrived in Britain in the last year or so.

As someone who had worked for Oxfam  and Freedom First,  Jo Cox was only too aware of the problems in both her own constituency and the wider world at large and was determined to make a contribution in fighting for a fairer more equal society at local national and international levels.

On hearing the news of her horrific murder Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said that the whole of the Labour family would be devastated at the loss a friend, colleague, and hard working MP, who though she had only been a Member of Parliament since 2015 was beginning to make an impact

Prime Minister David Cameron echoed the sentiments expressed Mr Corbyn saying that Jo Cox was a caring and campaigning MP who died doing her job serving the people she was elected to represent and will be deeply missed by colleagues on all sides of the house.

This view was also shared by the SNP Member for Glasgow South West who posted on Facebook that ‘ The House of Commons has lost a bright, brilliant, and principled woman and a great MP.’ I am sure the comments made by all three honourable members will be shared not only across the green benches of Westminster but across the United Kingdom and all parts of the world who share our democratic principals and values.

No doubt some apologists will claim that Ms Cox’s killer had some sort of mental health issue. Now let me put this in the strongest language I can without losing the plot. I am fed up with people trotting out this excuse every time a white person commits an evil act. You see my flatmate has mental health issues and would never dream of taking the life of another human being. It is I think time to admit there are some evil scumbags both in our society and elsewhere in the world and yes some of them are white and believe me white bigots have role models. Well let’s be honest the names of Hitler, Franco, and Mussolini spring readily to mind as do the names of more home made halfwits like Griffin, Farage. Indeed if we travel further back in our history we can find the names of Tyrell , Paisley, Powell, Carson, and Mosley amongst the undesirables we would sooner not mention in polite conversation.

The reason I bring the colour issue in to this is very simple and it’s because you can bet your little sweet life that if the killer had been Asian mental health would never have been raised as issue. Well why would the press bother to make an issue of someone’s state of mind when they could play the race card and promote islamaphobia because believe me that is exactly what they would be doing. Let us not fool ourselves that the mainstream press in this country have ever played fair, they haven’t , and they have no intentions of starting now.

The death of Jo Cox was a tragedy above all measure. The House Of Commons has lost a talented MP and the Labour Party has lost one of its brightest stars and the people of Boccasions. Spen have have lost a committed and hard working MP. All of that however pales into insignificance to the loss which will be felt by her husband Brendan, her two young daughters and other family members. It is they whose world will be left shattered long after the media circus have left them to get on with their lives.

You know my gran always taught me that for some occasions there are no words and this I think is one of those occasions. Never did I think not even for a second that an elected representative of the British parliament would be gunned down in cold blood for simply doing her job. It is the responsibility of this government and indeed all parliamentarians to make sure it never happens again and if this means greater security for our elected representatives at all levels then I think that would be a price worth paying.

The memory of Jo Cox will live on in the hearts of those who knew her , but to me she deserves not just a memory but a more lasting legacy. So I say loudly proudly and clearly as someone who counts members of parliament amongst that legacy should be greater protection of all our public servants as we remember that regardless of party or belief that they are there to represent the people and it was us to gave them the jobs they hold

For far too long there has been too much tribalism in Scottish and British political culture and it isn’t all the fault of The SNP despite what some unionists may say. Growing up in the Scotland of the 1970’s I witnessed at first hand some of the most vicious, hate filled, feral attitudes you can ever imagine with Labour and the Tories bring the most serial offenders though the growing SNP and the Communists who still had a degree of influence in my formative years were also involved in it to a lesser extent. Believe me when I say that growing up in this climate made the Independence referendum look like a walk in the park so this problem has been with us far longer than many people think. For the memory of Jo Cox it is time for it to end and a better type of politics to take its place.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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