In The Name Of Black Silk Panties This Girl Is Playing To Win

Hey Readers

Tonight sees the start of the the football feast that is the  European Championships 2016 with my own nation Scotland as the only country from the British And Irish Isles who didn’t manage to qualify. During the next few weeks I will try to be as neutral as possible in showing my colours but when push comes to shove my loyalty lies with a team whose name you would
be more likely to see in a designer boutique or possibly at an Anne Summers party. You see the team I’m supporting is also the team I’m managing in the fantasy football league and that team is Black Silk Panties.

Yes the team with the most girly name in the tournament are ready for the off and as a manager I can’t wait for the action to start. Domestically last season was a disappointment for the panties who finished much lower down the league than I would have liked but I am nothing if not an optimist and I believe my team have as good as a chance as any of winning the title.

Time of course will be the judge of whether I have chosen wisely but I know I will have to use my transfer windows tactically as unlike the league season this is a knock out competition and since I’ve built my team from the back I expect a number of my bargain buys in midfield and upfront to need replacing after the first three games.

To some extent at least I have shown loyalty to certain key players who were with me during the domestic season, however both form and circumstances have dictated that I have had to make changes in selection and believe me I haven’t been afraid to do so.

On balance I would say this team are a stronger more balanced side than the team I managed last season and they certainly have a far greater goal threat. Yes even my defenders know the net is and I am upbeat on my team’s chances of going all the way to glory. So with that in mind I have only one thing left to say in the name of black silk panties this girl is playing to win.
Love And Best Wishes


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