Our Early Morning Kick Off Was A Saturday Success (The Story Of St Andrew’s Church Summer Fayre)

Hey Readers.

As regular readers of this blog will know I’m a regular attender at my local church which is St Andrew’s Church of Scotland in Baillieston.  The fact that the kirk on the corner as it’s known locally, is geographically convenient for me,  (It is situated less than 100 yards from my home), is I have to say a major blessing as is the fact is that services don’t kick off till 11.30. Well I never was an early riser on Sunday’s and god knows this to be true as do our minister’s and elders.

So why am I posting on my church you may ask, well I’ll tell you though I will reassure those of you who may be in need of reassurance that I am not about about preach on the book of revelation or even from my personal manifesto which is the book of revolution. Will any of the regulars will be surprised at that? Personally I think not. Well I’m a radical leftie  SNP member who is also a trans woman and a Celtic supporter. Now if that isn’t revolutionary in the Church of Scotland then I don’t actually know what is. 

Anyway, I digress, the real reason I’m writing on this topic is to celebrate the outstanding success of our Summer Fayre which was held on Saturday morning and raised in excess of £2,600 for church funds.  This is a fantastic result especially in times of economic hardship but as it says in Matthew Chapter 7 ask and it shall be given and Saturday morning illustrated the ultimate truth of that teaching.

My contribution may have been financially smaller than the some of the others but it was a case of making the most of the money I had to spend and spending it wisely. You see I went in the hall with a tenner that’s a tenner in cash and not Pavarotti. Naturally me being me I  refused to leave until I had spent every last penny.  This resulted in me buying girly stuff for bath time and some emergency food supplies so I had something for a rainy day.  Never mind Bob Geldof and his obsession with feeding the world,
I was far more concerned with feeding Baillieston or at least the residents of Smith and Marshall Mansions aka me and Janette. 

Whilst I was bothered with more domestic arrangements others had their eyes on what they considered to be a far bigger prize namely an autographed Rangers football.  Not being my team,  it is I think fair to say that I may not have entered a bidding war for this particular item especially in my current financial position, but I was told this morning that the ball  raised over £400 and the winning bid came from a fellow Celtic fan.

The delightful irony of this result does not escape me and I have to admit that I smiled when I was given the news. Well it kinda pleases me that we hoops prevailed in the most challenging circumstances. Not only did we win in traditional Rangers territory we even left with the match ball in our possession. Now that’s what I call a victory, a result achieved against the odds and achieved with a wee bit of class.  Seriously though , all joking aside I would like to thank Rangers Football Club for their kind gesture in donating the ball as it helped raise a substantial amount of money for a very good and worthy cause.

So all things considered I think you could say that this early morning home game produced a great result for our church and shows the power of community and  more importantly the power of faith, what can be achieved with just a wee bit of help from above. 

You see I’ve always believed that in god’s time anything is actually possible if you just let it happen. To prove this I quote a song from my dancing years in the 1980’s  because as George Michael so rightly says in the book of Wham you just gotta have faith and that’s something you’ll always find amongst the regulars at St Andrew’s. From Girls Brigade to Guild we’ve got it sussed and i think you could say that our early morning kick off was a Saturday success.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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