A Busy Night

Hey Readers There are sometimes in life when try as you might you can’t manage to fit everything in no matter how much you want to. Last night was one of those nights but it was also so enjoyable I just had to write a poem to record the memories of it. I’ve given it the title A Busy Night I hope you enjoy the read.

A Busy Night

It was a busy night
it started when I bought
a pair of tights in River Island
before moving on on to another store
my make up needs couldn’t be ignored
on arrival I was greeted with smiles
from two sisters who to me
will forever be VIPs
one of them can pout for the world
whilst the other can soften
the hardest of hearts
as we caught up with news
and chat
I selected a new foundation
to keep me glowing all through the summer
after my purchase I went to GoMA
not for the writing group
but remind someone they had
a book launch to attend
to support their writing tutor
and friend
who was reading from his new poetry collection
entitled my bonnie Scotland
as he rhymed versified and mused
he shared his views on many different issues
and proved that the best poets
write without warning
at 3 in the morning
after drinking so much coffee and alcohol
that thinking becomes the product of a highly muddled mind
this I am told enhances creative thoughts
books bought I went on another event
where I feasted on poetry, music, and chocolate brownies
heard of time capsules
and having 17 hours to save the world
you could say this woman
who lets her inner girl talk far too much
was a bit on the busy side 
I finished my night by missing a concert
but still managed to buy the CD
of the musician I wanted to see
but that’s just me and what I tend to do
I don’t know about you
but I think it’s true to say
I had a busy night
and that’s just the way I like it.

@ Gayle Smith 2016


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