Hey Readers  This poem is dedicated to the girls and leaders of the 95th Company Glasgow Girls Brigade whose prize giving I attended earlier this week.  I’ve given it the title Diamonds I hope you enjoy the read. 


As they gathered to celebrate their year
there were smiles cheers and one or two tears
for the girls of the 95th company
as the stars of the evening collected their prizes
I couldn’t help but hope that no-one downsizes their ambitions
I was  proud not only of the girls 
but also of the fact our church
has such a talented team of leaders with a mission
to encourage the realist, the  thinker and the dreamer
to be the best they can be
on a night when I could have campaigned for the SNP
I decided that faith came first
the top lip trembled
when I saw a brigader go up  
for her broach
reward for her years of service and duty
in helping others to grow
in confidence and skills
the prizes handed out
the girls put on a show
to showcase their abilities
celebrating the 90th birthday of the monarch
I would vote to remove
they proved even I can compromise
when the occasion demands
and believe me they commanded both the stage and the gathering
flapper girls flapped their way
though the decades
starting in the roaring twenties
moving on through times of war
where I saw more tin hats
than I have since  SNP activists crowded in Yes Bar
next up was the fifties and tales of coronation and  Kenya
where Elizabeth learned of accession
this was followed by coronation
and countless visits to the Commonwealth nations
it was from New Zealand Maori warriors
the girls gained inspiration,
dancing the Haka with such power and skill
it would scare the living daylights out of many a rugby team
still on the theme of dance,
they performed a  ceilidh routine
to celebrate the Scottish connection
before moving on to her diamond jubilee
if you ask me as a lifelong Republican
real diamonds were on stage
the 95th company Glasgow Girls Bridge
It was their night and I was glad
to see them shine.

@ Gayle Smith 2016


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