It’s Time To Speak In Scotland’s Name And Make Our Country Matter

Hey Readers  As Scotland goes to the polls to elect a new parliament all the signs from the opinion polls indicate that the SNP are on course to win a third term in government and form a second successive majority government.

I feel however that it is important to strike a note of caution in to the  proceedings.  Don’t get me wrong, I do expect us to win but its important to remember to get the vote out to deliver the victory our  country deserves. Comforting though they may be for the party activists we must remember   elections are not won by opinion polls alone. So no matter how good they may look I will not take anything for granted and will only believe we’ve won after the votes are counted.

This approach is I believe both sensible and pragmatic and is shaped by too many experiences of elections where high hopes were replaced by falling stars and dreams quickly faded in to the dark night sky and dreams turned to disappointments with the dawn of the morning after.

I remember my former lecturer telling me whilst a student at Langside College that complacency is the enemy of victory and what was hard to win can be all too easily lost if we take our eye of the ball. The wisdom of these words has been proven time and time again  my favourite example of this comes not from politics but from the world of traditional music. 

It was in 2011 which coincidentally the year of the last Scottish election that at the end of their set a member of a folk group said after his group received the applause they deserved that he looked forward to seeing us in the final. Needless to say the band never made it to the final. 

So with that example firmly at the back at your mind I urge to remember this cold hard fact. if you want an SNP government elected to carry on with the good work we’ve done over the past nine years in education, health, housing, in freezing the council tax so people like me, were not made homeless. If you want a fairer more equal Scotland, which is committed to reducing child poverty, and the gender gap, and government which has acted on land reform, and equality issues where LGBT citizens are now allowed to marry the partner of our choice remember to go out and cast your votes for your candidate in the constituency ballot and for the party on the regional list. So vote early and vote twice for the party where nobody answers to Westminster but answers to the people of Scotland.

Be very aware that votes you are casting tomorrow are by far the most important of Scottish election since our parliament was reconvened in 1999. The result will send a very clear message not only to Westminster but to the watching world.  That message will be one of these two choices. The first is that we will continue the journey towards independence whilst for the moment using the powers of our parliament to improve the lives of our people in whatever way we can. Alteratively, if the unionists prevail we will and make no mistake about this be sending the message that we are a beaten and defeated nation who will return to Westminster to be forgotten for another 300 years. 

Yes folks I’m sorry to alarm you but if we don’t take this opportunity and seize it with both hands that will be the only story in town or at least in the Westminster bubble which passes for the UK political village. This doomsday scenario would be a nightmare for Scotland as the unionists would have the chance to what they see as business as usual which as far as they are concerned means asset striping our country of all our resources including the most precious resource of all I refer of course to our people. Believe me the unionists wouldn’t think twice about selling Scotland down the Thames for ermine robes. Personally I think Burns was being charitable when he referred to them as a parcel of rogues. That’s why it’s so important to win this election and win it well. With brilliant and committed teams of activists campaigning in every constituency in Scotland the SNP have worked hard to earn your trust. I hope you will consider rewarding them by casting Both Votes SNP. If however you feel you can’t cast both votes for the party I hope you will vote for us (Yes I do speak as a member of the SNP) in the constituency ballot and for another pro independence party such The Greens , Rise, or Solidarity on the regional list. As for me I will be using both votes to support the SNP and I’ll be doing it for the reasons I have outlined in the statement below.

It’s time to speak in Scotland’s name and make our country matter . 

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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