Brave New Scotland

Hey Readers This poem was written on May Day and inspired by a Facebook post by Jim Monaghan in which he looks at the myth of the Brave New Scotland and questions if it ever really existed except in the hearts and minds of few idealists. Personally
I think that this Brave New Scotland is not a shared vision but a contested one which we only ever hear  at election time when all the parties tell us their version of what this Brave New Scotland would be like. It was when I thought of this idea that I wrote this poem which I have titled Brave New Scotland I hope you enjoy the read.

Brave New Scotland

On the campaign trail
politicians talk
of their hopes and dreams
in middle class suburbs and housing schemes
as they set to convince us
of the need
for the brave new Scotland
they want to create
but wait a minute
elections aren’t about them
it’s we who will decide
our representatives
who we trust to deliver
on the promises
they make whilst competing
for our votes
Red, Green, Yellow, Amber, Blue Rosettes are seen in a host of hues
when the contrasting colours clash
in local halls and on TV screens
as candidates and supporters pound the streets
they discover an alternative to diets
working for the cause
is a great way to lose the pounds
gained through winter comfort eating
each side will accuse the others
of bleating and whining
for daring to challenge them
on the silver lining they can clearly see
if only people will trust them
to deal with education, employment, housing, crime, and poverty
such is the way in a democracy
as it was as it is and as it ever shall be
I want a country not of shortbread, whisky, and Susan Boyle
nor do I want a nation over dependent on oil
I want a land where immigrants are welcome
and a stranger is a friend you haven’t met.
I want politicians who won’t forget their promises
as soon there elected
a land where people are valued not neglected
as we work to build the Brave New Scotland by consensus

@ Gayle Smith 2016


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