The Finish Line

Hey Readers On the last day of the month I complete my  30th and final poem in this year’s NaPoWriMo and the sense of achievement I feel can’t be put in to words. It is I think no coincidence that I finish my own personal marathon on the day Celtic the club I have always supported win our 5th successive league title.  I have given it the title The Finish Line I hope you enjoy the read

The Finish Line

As I reach the final mile
I am tired, exhausted and shattered
soon I’ll be crossing the finish line
and all that matters to me
will have been achieved
sometimes I have fallen off the pace
but to me running the race
was the test
it wasn’t about winning
it was about setting a personal best 
it’s been a hard slog
but I had to keep going
my strength was knowing
I would complete the course
faster and in better shape
than my last attempt
I am content with that
the race was a marathon not a sprint
it tested me to my emotional limits
but tired as I am I ran the race I ran
and I am happy to have run it

@ Gayle Smith 2016


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