The B Word

Hey Readers On day 28 of NaPoWriMo I look at the issue of bisexuality This is a topic seldom discussed in the press or shown in the media. When it is portrayed it is usually done in a negative way to reinforce cultural stereotypes of bisexuals being greedy  promiscuous and responsible for half the world’s ills. This negative publicity  otherwise known as biphobia  damages the image of bisexuals and is why I decided to challenge them. You see I believe that a significant percentage of people have bisexual feelings but most choose never to admit it.
I identify as a non practising bisexual in other words I have made the decision that I will probably never have a relationship with a woman but I will admit that there are some women I find attractive.  I have decided to write this poem after much soul searching due not to my own feelings which I am entirely comfortable  but for everyone who has experienced prejudice based on the stereotypical images society presents of the bisexual community. I’ve given this poem the title The B Word I hope you enjoy the read.

The B Word

bisexual say that word and note the reaction
listen to the voice of prejudice
watch them recoil in horror
at the idea of loving an individual
rather than a gender
refusing to surrender
to the binary option
an act of rebellion in socially conservative Scotland
where even in these liberal times
bisexuality is perceived
as the worst possible crime
we are told we have pick a side
like we do for football or other  sports
we can’t like both the guy in the rugby team and the girl on the tennis court
that’s just being greedy
and it’s not right
you’re not allowed kiss a boy
and a girl
well not on the same night
this hypocrisy is what we are faced with
every time the topic is discussed
usually by straight white members
of the pseudo middle classes
scared to mention the B word
in case it makes them blush
they show their ignorance on the subject
by saying that you can’t maintain
two relationships at once
I hate to say this
but they must have been the dunces
in their sex education class
this not how it happens
like everyone else
bisexuals follow the rules
of attraction
take me I prefer men
but there are woman I find sexy
the fact I make the choice
not to act on these feelings
because of my trans identity
doesn’t make them any less real
It just proves I won’t sleep around
this is another stereotype I have found
with regards to this typically topical taboo
bisexuals are not primal
with the sexual urges of wild animals
or those caged in the zoo
we are perfectly normal
we hold down jobs and mortgages
go to church and aerobics classes
the fact we like both lads and lassies
doesn’t make us lepers
for refusing to conform
to norms imposed by society’s sobriety 
viewed with suspicion by both gay and straight communities
we refuse to restrict opportunities
for love
preferring to give individuals the chance to impress
whether they wear trousers or a dress
doesn’t matter as long as a lover
is intelligent, kind, and treats me like a lady
then for him or very occasionally her
perhaps I may be.
you get the point I’m making
bisexuals are not wild untamed nor greedy
nor are we mischievous, or needy,
we are just normal people
leading everyday lives
some of us are husbands wives
or not the marrying kind
we are trans cis and who we decide to kiss or have relationships with
is our private business
do not limit us or put us in to nice little boxes
which you can store
in your own private closet
because if we are honest
more of us are bisexual
than will ever admit it
it’s just something we don’t want to say
but I have a question
in these enlightened days
why are we scared
to mention the B Word 

@ Gayle Smith 2016

NB This poem was written on Day 28 but I was unable to post until now due to my ‘ usual issue ‘


4 thoughts on “The B Word

  1. Good you are tackling this Gayle. I may have a go too. Once long ago I hung about with a gang of supposed wild and liberal types where we were told anyone could be anything and experiment safely if they wished, supported by the group. One night I kissed a girl back- actually she was intersex but they wouldn’t have known that- and it was round the wider community in a week and back to my hubby- “did you hear, the *** rally sec is gay” Yes I know, she is my wife” said he. That was even worse, shocked them speechless. Gay was naughty, frisky, bit wrong but exciting. Adultery or wife swapping, well they did’t mind that. Consensually bisexual- well that was just wrong, obviously. It was very funny watching the Chinese whispers and blustering go on.

    • Hey Rosie I’m glad you liked this poem, I had great fun writing it. You see I knew there were things which needed to be said to challenge the stereotypes around this issue and people just didn’t have the guts to say them. This is the one of the last sexual taboos in this country and it’s time we as a society got over it and moved on. This is the 21st century after all , what a pity some people would prefer to go back to 18th century than lose their inhibitions and be honest with themselves.

      Love And Best Wishes
      Gayle XXX

    • Hey Angela Thanks for reading the poem and commenting on what is a very serious subject. I’m glad you found it insightful as I tried to tackle the issue with the sensitivity it deserves whilst using humour to highlight the outdated stereotypes faced by bisexuals in our so-called liberal society.

      Love And Best Wishes
      Gayle X

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