Hey Readers On day 29 of NaPoWriMo My penultimate poem is written on a controversial topic and they don’t come much more controversial than capital punishment which was suggested by my friend and fellow poet Stephen Watt.  As  a long standing opponent of the death penalty this was always going to be a difficult and challenging poem to write, however I hope I’ve done it justice. I have given it the title Scapegoat I hope you enjoy the read.


some people like hunting and shooting
others love hanging and flogging
I don’t think either has a place
in a modern civilised Scotland
but media types they love to claim
when tabloid truths are printed
the public want a life for a life
and opinion polls are tilted
in favour of panic reactions
there are times I  get really depressed
when I see such a lack of compassion
from the loons
in the right wing press
who want a return
to the good old days
where Britain had an empire
to claim
when half the world
was red white blue
we should have been ashamed
it was easy to hunt for a scapegoat
in the search to find someone to blame
as innocents went to the gallows  it must never happen again.

@ Gayle Smith 2016.


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