No Offence

Hey Readers On day 27 of NaPoWriMo my poem tackles the thorny issue of the Offensive Behaviour Act. I write this poem  as a SNP member and a Celtic fan who believes that if you have best interests of your party and your country then you have to speak out and say when you see mistakes being made. Should my party win the coming election I believe to use a wee bit of football speak this gives us the chance to tackle the injustice of this act by repealing as early as possible and focusing on building a Scotland of fairness for all our citizens and let Irish-Scots play our part in it by singing our songs with purpose, passion, and pride I’ve titled it No Offence I hope you enjoy the read.

No Offence

A panic reaction to a media call for action
I originally thought it may have good intentions
but as I learned more
I began to know the score
on this badly drafted legislation
which has been and is still being used
as a cloak to disguise the veneer of anti Irish racism
in a land where no such problem
should exist
Scots irrespective of religion should be made aware of the fact
we share more in common
than the artificial division
centuries of being a part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain
has created
rigid unionists were for centuries
conditioned to hate there closest of kin
force fed a diet of fear and loathing
of Ireland and Irish culture
meanwhile vultures pecked their way
through the ignorance of those given nothing
but exercise in July
patronised as slaves
yet only too willing to serve the imperial cause
but what angers me is that this law
was passed by a party which cries freedom
the party I will support until we drape the coffin of Westminster
with the butcher’s apron it deserves
I serve humanity’s interests
I am Scottish not British
this comes from pragmatism
not misplaced pride
I will not deny my roots
or what Donegal has brought to the Clyde
the Irish Scots want to see a better Scotland
where we no longer accept selective tolerance
where one side of the football divide
are punished for singing our songs
whilst nothing is done to stop the opposition
from proudly proclaiming their Britishness
pardon me if this sounds like bitterness
but that kind of offensive behaviour offends my dignity
in this land of devolution
hard core unionists are the cause of
not the solution to our problems
why did my party not see
you can’t break the chains
of those who don’t want to be free
and punish those who lit the red white and blue torch paper 
with intimidation and death threats
it’s time to move on to the future
and let our people sing songs
which cause no offence
to anyone but proud Scots
who’ve never been proud
of Scotland

@ Gayle Smith 2016


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