Too Old For Top Shop

Hey Readers On day 26 of NaPoWriMo I have decided to write on the topic of fashion. It’s based on a true incident which actually happened to me in a certain well known fashion store when I overheard a teenage girl describe me as old to her friend for being or so she thought the age of her mother which I then found out was 45. The fact that I who will be 55 in July was 53 at the time of this comment was though they may not have known at the time very flattering to my fragile ego Anyway the most important fact I learned that day was that I might just be too old for top shop. So it is with incident in my mind that I have titled this poem Too Old For Top Shop I hope you enjoy the read.

Too Old For Top Shop

I think I’ve finally taken the hint
I might never find my handsome prince
I may as well fumble with Mr not quite
he might not be perfect but he’ll do for tonight
it’s time for the twin set
and dressing my age
in my fifties this princess
can’t claim centre stage
I’m too old for top shop
for fishnets and frills
I decided to leave them
to much younger girls

As I walked round the rails
filled with with body con skirts
I realised none
would get on to my hips
all the boob tubes they stocked
wouldn’t fit on my bulges
so reality stopped me
from too many splurges

My illusions were shattered
I knew it was time
when two high school girls
checked the bargain rail line
they were looking at me
and one said to the other
that woman must be old
she’s the age of my mother

@ Gayle Smith 2016


2 thoughts on “Too Old For Top Shop

    • Glad you enjoyed it Pauline. I think it’s one a lot of us girls who are shall we say of a certain vintage, and can admit to liking the music of , or lusting after Donny Osmond, The Bay City Rollers, Wham or even the younger Kylie can relate to all too clearly.

      Love And Best Wishes
      Gayle XXX

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