The Playwright

Hey Readers On day 23 of NaPoWriMo my poem commemorates the life of the man who entered and exited the stage we call life on this day and who in my opinion is and will remain the greatest playwright in the history of theatre William Shakespeare.
I have titled it  The Playwright.  I hope you enjoy the read.

The Playwright

Shakespeare was a man who wrote plays
period dramas tragedies and comedies
which are as relevant today
as they were when they written
at the time Will chronicled England
centuries later they reflect
a social portrait of Britain
and indeed the world
Romeo and Juliet
the classic tale of boy meets girl
the stuff of forbidden love
and doomed dreams
could be played out between orange and green
in any Glasgow housing scheme
as  for Hamlet and Ophelia
the restrictive chains of social order can be found  at the border which straddles Gallowgate and the Merchant City
serious yet witty
the Stratford bard had a taste
for gritty realism
in his work and wasn’t one
to shirk the issues
which needed to be discussed
lust and betrayal were key themes
when dreams on a mid summer nights
felt so right and the audience were swept away on an emotional tide
the Scottish play was however his worst
as an Englishman with no knowledge of my land
failed to understand that guy he cast as bad
to suit the royal court
was actually the hero of the story
but the taming of the shrew  needed to be told
and he was bold in even telling it
in medieval England
where men ruled and women did as their men required
this was a man who mocked social conventions
demons, dreams and desires
examined by a man with an enquiring mind
and the language to express his views
a writer who mused over his plots
crafting real characters with faults and flaws
which mirrored the human condition
and carved his name in to theatrical history
as the playwright

@ Gayle Smith 2016

NB This poem was written on day 23 but couldn’t be posted till now due to both technical issues and having an unexpected catch up with a friend.


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