Birthday Wishes To A Private Citizen

Hey Readers On this day an old woman celebrates her 90th birthday and the British press and media are whipping the people in to frenzy as we are ordered to commemorate the birthday of one Lizzy Windsor otherwise known as Her Most Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Queen of the United Kingdom Of Great Britain And Northern Ireland. So this is my birthday tribute to a woman whom I have nothing against on a personal level but despise the institution she represents. I have given it the title Birthday Wishes To A Private Citizen I hope you enjoy the read.

Birthday Wishes To A. Private Citizen

As a rich old women reaches 90
I am told this is cause for celebration
to unite the nation
commemorate all that is best
about being British
we are informed we should send  the Queen birthday wishes
Now pardon me if I don’t think
a woman born in to privilege
and entitled inheritance
is worth the attention
the Royal family are a media invention
to distract us from the real problems
like crime, unemployment and the  poverty
so many of her subjects live in a united kingdom divided by income and wealth
where the culture of mind yourself and yourself only
runs in contradiction to the pooling and sharing
so favoured by the elite
as Labour and Tory compete
to see who can drive us further
in to an abyss
with the ultimate kiss of betrayal
personally I have nothing against Elizabeth Windsor the private citizen
but private citizen is what she should be
I want Scotland free from the robes of ermine
the uniform of self serving subordinates
I deplore the institution of which she is a part
there are people who haven’t reached half her years
before defeat saw them broken  dying in the streets
it is an insult to democracy
that such poverty is allowed to exist
in a so-called civilised land
as a woman with a very clear vision
of the world  I want to live in
I understand the steps we need to take to achieve it
and you better believe I will fight with all I have to make it reality
I have no time for trivialities
and I scorn those who trade in selling souls
by remote control
to keep in with the in crowd
I am not proud of this Britain
I am ashamed
that’s why I campaign to change it
rearrange it
from one united kingdom
to four sovereign nations
who seek ideas and inspiration
from each other the way that real friends do
where we create a culture based on real and genuine respect
and all elect our representatives
with no peerages given to politicians and their friends
the Britain of the class divide
is a means to an end
which couldn’t exist without the patronage of the crown
and the fawning sycophancy
of those who bow the knee
this in my view is a disgrace
one of the most compelling reasons I voted yes
to independence
was to create a more caring and socially sustainable country
so the ugly politics of Westminster
could no longer set an agenda
in which our interests would always come last
the days of monarchy
belong in the past
so forgive me if I say
on the day I send birthday wishes to a private citizen
I hope the old Jacobite prophecy
comes true
and what came wi a lass
will gang wi another

@ Gayle Smith 2016


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