A Walk On The Beach On A Spring Day.

Hey Readers On day 19 of NaPoWriMo my topic was selected by Caron Lindsay  who suggested that I should write about a walk on the beach on a spring day. This was a challenging poem to write as I knew it would be, Caron is a thoughtful friend so I knew she would choose a topic to stretch my imagination. Having said that , it was also an immensely enjoyable poem to write as it brought back childhood memories of a day spent on the Ayrshire coast though as recall the weather didn’t allow for the building of sandcastles or the anticipated family stroll. Personally I blame  the fact that my mum was too easily influenced by the BBC. I have given the title Caron suggested and called it A Walk On The Beach On A Spring Day. I hope you enjoy the read.

A Walk On The Beach On A Spring Day  

In a fit of optimism we boarded the train
to spend an Easter Monday on the coast
this was a trip usually reserved for the summer
but my mother a keen weather forecaster
inspired by watching the BBC
actually believed the guy when he claimed
Scotland would have sunny spells
he conveniently forgot to mention
there was a 99 percent chance of rain
not that I complained
though the road to hell and  Salcoats
was paved with good intentions
my dad tried tried to warn her that the intervention season was over
and that Jesus had the copywrite on Easter  miracles
not that such criticism bothered her
If she wanted a day at the coast
then that was we would get
a walk on the beach on a nice spring day
would we were told blow the cobwebs away
as we took some bracing sea air
though I thought it best to play dumb
there were times I truly despaired of my mum
especially on days like this
with no sun to kiss my checks
I couldn’t see the point
of going to the beach at this time of year
even as a child I made my feelings clear
and as if to back me up
it rained non stop on journey home 

@ Gayle Smith 2016 

NB. This poem was written on day 19 but I was unable to post until now because of my ‘ usual ‘ issue.


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