Hey Readers On day 16 of NaPoWriMo my poem recalls a trip to Arran and the impact it had as I finally realised the breathtaking power of nature in all its magnificent glory. I’ve named it after the island and given it the title  Arran. I hope you enjoy the read.

an island majestic
where Scotland’s autograph
is signed with authenticity
it stands shaped by dignity
and  powerful coastal waters
formed a terrain of rugged hues
and views of stunning scenery
its dreamy landscape
inspired poetic thoughts
stirring long dormant passions  
and evoking desires for a better world
though not enough to turn this city girl green
the sense of being at harmony with nature
awakened me to being environmentally aware
in ways I hadn’t really considered
a short trip to the island
saw me climb goat fell
and realise the land was my master
it was there centuries before my journey begun
and will remain long after my end
I visited with friends from university
for a weekend of writing
it is enlightening to me
that almost two decades later
I reap the rewards of my labour
as memories stored
at the back of my mind are recalled 
stories told by the language of imagery
and crafted with care
in to something more permanent
to endure long after the sunset

@ Gayle Smith 2016

NB This poem was written on Day 16 but I was unable to post until now as my phone needed to be charged.


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