People Make Glasgow

Hey Readers.  As I reach the half way point of this year’s NaPoWriMo my poem on day 15 is on the topic of choice was suggested to me  by Aileen MacKay the topic is People Make Glasgow and I’ve used the topic as the title I hope you enjoy the read

People Make Glasgow

A marketing slogan to sell the city
the council say in that condescending way
that is and always will be Labour speak
like we didn’t know
people make Glasgow
but what kind of people
do they mean?
are they talking about the girl
from the inner city schemes
where poverty is the red line
ambition isn’t allow to cross
or the man who lives on the cities outer edges
who could have gone to university
to pursue his dreams
of being a lawyer
and fight for fairness 
and equality
or are they just pawns in the game
scapegoats to blame
when things go wrong
are they thinking only of those
who drink in the wine bars
of the merchant city or west end
who must be seen to be on trend
and never commit a fashion faux pax 
in case it mortified their Facebook friends
I can only guess
but this working class girl
has a designer dress
for those nights out
where you have to make an impression
are our city fathers doing a form of selective acceptance
about what kind of people
make this city
do they really care
unfair as they think it may be
Labour rule in Glasgow
is why I joined the SNP
you see I want more
than marketing slogans
or PR appearances on TV programmes
I want to see Glaswegians
living longer
in better conditions
I believe in a bolder vision
for my city
and not just parts of it
I want a Glasgow with people at the heart of it.

@ Gayle Smith 2016


2 thoughts on “People Make Glasgow

    • Thanks Rita I always like it when I get positive feedback on my poems and it’s even more heartening during NaPoWriMo because of the challenge it presents. To me, it was one of those poems which was difficult to get started but flowed when it did.

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