Summer Love Sensation

Hey Readers On day 14 of NaPoWriMo my poem takes me back to my teens as I recollect my teenage crush on the lead singer of a certain Scottish boy band. The  band were according to the press responsible for scenes not seen since the Beatles. In case you haven’t guessed the lead singer  was Les McKeown and the band were the Bay City Rollers. I’ve given it the title Summer Love Sensation in honour of my second  favourite rollers song. My favourite song is also mentioned in this poem and if you’re a real roller girl you’ll already be singing along to it. Anyway , that’s enough chat for now I hope you enjoy the read.

Summer Love Sensation

I remember that Summer Love Sensation
that was 1975
my first year at high school
now part of a history still to be written
the Scotland of my early teens
a place where dreams were put on hold
for fear of mocking crowds
choices not mine to make
but society’s to impose
clothes may maketh the man
but they didn’t help the girl
who knew her truths could not be spoken aloud
never allowed to be who she was
this land of puritans
where football was always more important
than church attendance
as a declaration of faith
not that such things mattered to me
you see I  was more concerned
if my tights were laddered 
or my lipstick smudged 
from kissing the poster of Les 
I had above my bed
where I danced to shang-a-lang
in my dreams

@ Gayle Smith 2016


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