Land Of My Heart

Hey Readers On day 12 of NaPoWriMo I write on the topic of
Xenophobia and The British establishment’s traditional fear of foreigners as other. In this poem I challenge those attitudes and I have given it the title Land Of My Heart I hope you enjoy the read

Land Of My Heart.

We I am told are an island race
in Europe but not of it
a happy land we prefer to keep
a respectable distance from it
we won two world wars
as the channel kept us free
we are an island nation
and that is the way we should be

We I am told were united
since pre Roman times
the misreporting of facts
not perceived as a crime
we are one nation Britannia 
we are loyal and true
an imperial kingdom
wrapped in the red white and blue

we I am told have never got on well with others
we don’t tend to like them
the French the Germans the Russians
British is best I am told from Westminster benches
the problem they face
is that I have a cultural identity

I dispute every claim they have made
I find them abhorrent
friends of all nations
are welcome in my future Scotland
the Irish, Italians, and Indians
all played a part
in shaping the country I love
that lives in my heart

@ Gayle Smith 2016


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