Spoken Words

Hey Readers On day 11 of NaPoWriMo my poem covers the
topic of spoken word nights so I have given it an appropriate title and called it Spoken Words. I hope you enjoy the read

Spoken Words

To anyone who thinks that poetry is all about daffodils and daisies
weddings, birthdays or new born babies
I challenge you to attend a spoken word night
if you do you’ll find
rhymers telling the world our views
expressing our thoughts on what passes for news
whilst you muse on our sentences and sonnets
we remove the bees from our bonnets
on serious topics like the environment education and wealth
or the state of the nation’s cultural health
maybe the way we are seen by others
we might even be letting you see what goes on
between the covers of our notepads
or revealing secret dreams
relating stories of housing schemes in the 1970’s
gender transitioning whilst maintaining our dignity
and just enough secrets to guard our privacy
giving our opinions on civil liberties
and other topics including
fracking, union jacking, and the state of the press
or why in the Indy ref we voted yes
or in less enlightened cases no
and yes I am showing my personal colours in that last line 
as a poet I don’t do the crime
of indifference
I know the power of resistance
and I will resist those who oppose equality
who won’t take action on poverty
or reducing the attainment gap
I may take the mic but I won’t take the rap
for the  sins committed by others
as a feminist I have discovered
the power of rage
so when I take the stage
you might hear carefully managed anger
but like my fellow performers
I come from a place of passion
on subjects from fascism to fashion
I and others will speak our minds
say it as we find it
not as we would like it to be
the only guarantee I can make
is to say you won’t like it all
but something from someone
will speak your truth
remind you of a memory from your youth
now it may drive you crazy
but if you want to hear poems which are not about daffodils, daisies or even new born babies
if you want to know what other voices are saying
you won’t find the answers
on the sanitised BBC version of our nation
so come and attend a spoken word night
come and see us take the mic
and take the rise out of the pompous and vain
come once and I promise you’ll come back again

@ Gayle Smith 2016


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