John Wayne Won The West

Hey Readers On day 10  of NaPoWriMo I take a walk down memory lane to recall childhood memories of those early 1970’s Sunday’s and the viewing habits of my dad on the what was the only day he really got to watch the telly. Like many men of his generation my dad was a massive fan of Cowboy movies and anything to do with the wild west. It is with this in mind I have given this poem the title John Wayne Won The West I hope you enjoy the read.

John Wayne Won The West

Sunday’s were my dad’s day
to pick the programmes he wanted to watch on TV
every week he would be tuned in Bonanza  or The Virginian
Imagining the wild west as his dominion
this Glasgow adventurer who taught me
that native Indians were the only real Americans
and that all others were immigrants
in an international melting pot
Irish, Scots, Germans, Italians, Mexicans
to name but a few who pursue the illusion
that anyone can make it
in the land of Uncle Sam
the fact that many are doomed to fail is never mentioned
in a country where God has had more reinventions
than Frank Sinatra had comebacks
meanwhile my dad would roll back the years
as he sat in his comfy chair
and John Wayne won the west
just like he had the previous week and would do again next Sunday
the wild west was his dominion
as Bonanza and The Virginian
got my dad in the mood for the movie

@ Gayle Smith 2016


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