Voice Of Truth

Hey Readers On day 9 of NaPoWriMo My poem tackles the issue of the Pamana papers and and an establishment which is up to more dodgy deals than Del Boy Trotter to silence all dissenting voices on this issues. I’ve given it the title Voice Of Truth. I hope you enjoy the read

Voice Of Truth

This is not the news
there is no news to report
there has been no protest
or petitions
urging Johnny Rich to resign
as Prime Minister of Great Britain
this is the official establishment
tax evasion is only a crime for the poor
it is a disgrace for those in poverty
not to pay their way
but we the voice of truth say to you
offshore accounts are a private matter
who cares if a multi billionaire
has a secret stash in Panama the Caymen Islands or The Bahamas
look these people are friends with bankers
do you know what we mean
one guy I know is 22nd cousin to the queen
thrice removed of course
if it wasn’t for his fund
he could never have paid for his divorce
yet you want decent honest folk
like him to give up his privileges
has no one told you that it’s things
like this
which makes you proud to be British
what you don’t agree
why don’t you join the SNP
you know that party we never give any respect
even though the Scottish voters
seem to prefer them to our guardians of democratic freedom
those highlanders and Glaswegians
should be content to let us get on with our little plans
personal finance is a private matter
there has been no call for Johnny Rich to resign
this is the establishment line
this not the news
there is no news to report
and we should know what
the stories will be
in Scotland it will be more SNP Bad
for the rest of you it will be that Corbyn is mad
and unfit to hold public office whilst a bunch of public school toffs
continue to do just fine
having committed no crime
this is the establishment line
there is no news to report.

@ Gayle Smith 2016


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