The Angler

Hey Readers On day 8 of NaPoWriMo I’ve written a poem in memory of my dad who like many men of his generation was a keen fisherman. I’ve titled it The Angler I hope you enjoy the read.

The Angler

An angler who seldom caught a fish
he would bring fish suppers home from his trips
to coastal waters all over Scotland
he often said that the best way to see our country
was from the window of an early morning train
a quiet man who seldom complained
he would paper and paint
all the rooms in our home
so saving the pennies
we would otherwise have spent
on the services of a handyman
quiet, but practical
this principled patriot
would tell me stories
of how his childhood
spent in a poor Glasgow housing scheme
shaped his hatred of the Tories
it was he who along with my gran  encouraged my interest
in politics
my dad always put fairness and equality
at the heart of his beliefs
to make sure we had something to eat
he would stop at the chippy on the road home
as the angler brought fish suppers to the table
filling our bellies with the perfect family feast.

@ Gayle Smith 2016

NB This poem was written on Day 8 but I was unable to post it until now due to lack of credit on my phone.  


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