21st Century Clearances

Hey Readers On day 6 of NaPoWriMo my poem is of a story so disturbing I thought it was an April Fool joke which was made in bad taste. Unfortunately however, this is far from funny and six year old Lachlan whose first language is Gaelic now faces deportation to his parents home country of Australia because his mother’s visa was granted as a student and those pompous fools at the home office are unwilling to show flexibility in the rules which
I’m sure they would have done had the incident occurred in the home counties rather than rural Scotland I have given the poem the title 21st Century Clearances I hope you enjoy the read

21st Century Clearances

When I first saw the headline
in my copy of the national
I thought it was an April fool joke
it seemed too cruel to be true
so heartless it was something
even the Tories wouldn’t do
I had clearly underestimated
this government’s lack of humanity
it is insanity to deport the family of a six year old
whose first tongue is Gaelic
but the 21st century clearances
are slowly but steadily beginning
the unionists are desperate to keep the cash cow
to milk for Britain
all resistance must be crushed
loving Scotland now seen as a  criminal offence
now we will know what our Irish kin suffered for hundreds of years
we will be told to dry our tears
and maintain a stiff upper lip
that is after all what Britishness is all about
so forgive me if I say this is something I can happily live without
I don’t do a life without emotions
they are as necessary to me
as the air we breathe
I find it hard to believe
any government can be so cold calculating and callous
deporting a young family
yet giving tax breaks to those
who live in mansions and palaces
just doesn’t seen right
I always thought the British believed in fair play
but obviously not
especially when it comes to Scots
so much for being better together
in a union of unequal partners
now as Lachlan faces being uprooted
from the life he has known
to a land on the other side of the world
to suit the needs of the pen pushers and uncivil servants
I am reminded as to why I voted for independence
and why I will do so again
we need to control our own immigration policy
to stop this kind barbarism
Thatcherism by any other name still stinks
no matter what some apologists think
she was responsible for the slaughter of our traditional industries
now her successors showing
not a trace of compassion
or respect for human dignity
pursue a different agenda
as they start on the 21st century clearances.

@ Gayle Smith 2016


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