Hey  Readers  On day 2 of #NaPoWriMo My poem is on the themes of socialism, sisterhood, and solidarity. This is hardly surprising since I’ve just returned from a spoken word night in support of Rise Women’s Network I’ve called the poem Rise I hope you enjoy the read.


As woman gathered
to tackle injustice
we raised the flag for democracy
our poetry demanded
we campaign against poverty
in the name of equality
fight for our right
to enjoy a better life
because we are worth it
we are worthy of respect
on this night
we spoke our thoughts
as socialists and international Scots
on how we view the world
as women and girls
we valued ourselves
for who and what we are
we talked with boldness and clarity
without a trace of fear
songs were sung with power
by sisters who had passion and principles
which grounded our beliefs
on a night when we told tales
of family, love, lust and lies
we  made the choice to begin
the quest for a new tomorrow
and in unity we claimed the right
to rise

@ Gayle Smith 2016


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