A Better Nation

Hey Readers Yesterday should have been Scotland’s Independence Day. So to  commemorate the vision I was proud to campaign for  I wrote this poem to sum up why I voted yes and why I  will do so again at the earliest available opportunity. I’ve given it the title A Better Nation. I hope you enjoy the read.

A Better Nation

This should have been a day of celebration
when Scotland reclaimed our place as an independent nation
Instead I think of what might have been
If only we had dared to be a little bit bolder
in the way we narrated our story
but to those who claimed
we were too small to be a success
I say lies are lies no matter how you dress them up
you see I know the inescapable truth 
from our pensioners to our youth  Scots no longer accept second
we will never buy in to your union jackanory
we preferred a different story
with better ending
but this is not the time for living in the past 
pretending we won and the sun will never set on the day we eventually get our freedom
Highlanders, Dundonians and Glaswegians deserve better than this empty rhetoric
I don’t do selective tolerance
on poverty health or education
I want a nation to be proud of
where standards are set higher
than flags and banners can fly
a nation where poets can rhyme
dreamers can dream and thinkers can think
where drink can be enjoyed as a social relaxation
not the curse of a blighted nation
too scared to shake off the shackles of a past
where melancholic nostalgia
of an empire which never benefitted the workers
or a future where our Westminster masters
scapegoat and demonise
talk of  strivers and shirkers
and fools worship a family they’ll never meet
except through the TV and the press
on this day I am more yes than ever
the dream shall never die
the tears I cried on the day we faced  defeat
were not an admission of retreat
but a silver stream of passion
to continue the quest
until at the right time
a nation says yes and embarks on a journey to democracy

@ Gayle Smith 2016


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