Union Jacks And Union Hacks Won’t Stop Our Road To Progress

Hey Readers Unless you’ve been living on another planet in which case David Bowie was right and there really is life on mars you surely cant have failed the ramping up of anti SNP propaganda to almost hysterical levels in the mainstream press and media over the last few days. 
This comes as delegates gather in Glasgow for the last SNP conference before the Scottish election where my party will be campaigning to secure an historic third term as Scotland’s party of government. 

As opinion polls show the party on course for victory the unionists of all persuasions have stepped up their hatred to fanatical proportions but despite this they
are making no inroads in to our lead nor by the looks of it are they likely to.  One of the main reasons for this is the fact that to be a credible alternative government you must first be a credible opposition and in nine years as the  opposition the Labour And Unionist Party still hasn’t learned this very basic skill.  You see they and their friends in the  mainstream press and  media seem to think that they can ignore this basic requirement of any future government by getting on their union jack soapboxes and shouting SNP bad at every opportunity they are given and believe me they are given a lot of them as with unquestioning sycophants in the Scottish/North British establishment deem them worthy of more free rides than a pensioner with with a bus pass.

This may be shocking but the truth must be told, and the cold and inescapable truth is that the Labour Party get it easy from a so-called Scottish press in which only the Sunday Herald and the recently formed pro independence National come anywhere close to reporting the real Scotland I see every day. As for the rest of them their sales figures are crashing to the ground faster than someone jumping from a plane without a parachute.

The past few days demonstrate this fact and in doing so highlight why The Labour And Unionist Party and their Tory friends rely almost completely on the help from their friends in a pro unionist media to fabricate their scare stories as they did both in the independence referendum and far less successfully in the UK election for the Westminster parliament.

There is hardly a day goes by without these so-called journalists inventing some Anti SNP scare story but I have some devastating news for them and I don’t know how to tell them nobody listens to you anymore. You see you’ve contradicted yourselves so many times that you’ve used up all your credibility and like the emperor’s new clothes people now see you for exactly what you are and believe me it isn’t a pretty sight in fact to describe it as a shambles would be being far more generous to you than I want to be.  Well you can’t claim to the nation on the day of the Smith Report that the vow has been delivered only to say in the same paper after what they believe is a long enough time lapse to con the gullible that we are fed another story which this time says the vow must be delivered and have the gall to  blame the SNP for not delivering a vow we never made and which former Labour leader Ed Milliband claimed never existed.

Another example of this type of fairytale journalism came with  the recent attack on former First Minister Alex Salmond  when that most bitter of all unionist papers the Daily Record which is run and lest we forget this by the London based Trinity Mirror group and has a Ulster unionist political editor raided the political gutter for another project fear type to con the gullible by saying that if we had fallen for in their words Salmond’s vow and voted yes we would be poorer because the GERS figures tell us we would. So let’s have a look at the facts shall we.  The GERS report which was highlighted as a pro union device by the man who thought it up former Conservative governor general of Scotland (Yes I know the official term was Secretary Of State For Scotland)  Ian Laing who said that the reason for introducing them was to make any future devolved government look bad and in doing so weaken the case for Scottish independence. So all this proves is that you skew statistics to get any result you like.  Despite this obvious fact and that even the GERS report couldn’t quite get the doomsday scenario the unionists wanted it didn’t stop them needing more toilet breaks than is necessary for an adult  such was their desire to wet themselves over these manufactured stats

We should however be under no illusions here the real reason for this juvenile attack on our former First Minister was nothing to do with him, nor was it anything to do with independence. The real reason for this was the fact that the Daily Record which has always been one of Westminster’s most loyal stooges tried to highlight Alex Salmond who by the way the never a vow that is a failed UK Labour leader by the name of Gordon Brown was with the sole purpose of undermining Nicola Sturgeon’s position both as leader of the Scottish National Party and as First Minister of Scotland. Now I hate to break it to them but this strategy failed at the UK general election and it’s going to fail again.

You see no matter what they say Kezia Dugdale is not leadership material and her childish outbursts at First Minister’s questions merely serve to underline that fact In her latest outburst Ms Dugdale tried to claim the the case for Scottish Independence is now dead thanks of course to the mythical stats from The GERS report.  It is obvious to me that Kezia lives in a fantasy world where everyone votes Labour and we live in a nice little bubble which no-one ever wants to leave this happy little land. 

The truth however is somewhat different. You see though The Labour And Unionist Party may have set up our devolved parliament to crush what they saw as rebellious Scots I quote from that hymn of hate known as God Save The Queen but reality tells a very different story.  If one takes a closer look at the bigger picture it it shows a nation which has become albeit slowly, more confident in it’s ability to take decisions and for the most part get them right. This frightens the unionists more than you will ever know. You see they are totally dependent on what I call the  Westminster cringe to keep what they see as the natives in what see as our place.  Some people call this cringe the Scottish cringe but these people are deluded this is a cringe which was born and developed in Westminster by shallow self interested subservient Brit-Scots and they alone stand accused of talking Scotland down to serve their party interests and their political careers 

Make no mistake many unionists are feral creatures who will do anything to preserve their position of privilege in Scottish society and will use every means at their disposal to do so. They will do this by whatever means they must even, if as was the case on Thursday it means the deliberate misrepresentation of the views of a city to suit there fanatical British Nationalist agenda. I cite the example of Thursday as the UK political panel debate show Question Time was broadcast from Dundee. Now for those of you who haven’t been asleep for the last two years Dundee had the highest yes vote in Scotland in the  2014 independence referendum and is represented by the SNP at all political levels. The BBC however don’t like this this fact and as we know what they don’t like they ignore or worse still misrepresent and that is exactly what they did on Thursday as they stuffed the audience with good obedient unionist toy soldiers as if to pretend that the city had been recaptured for the UK and fortress Dundee was no more. 

Thankfully I never watched the show as I was out performing some of my poems at an event which goes by the title Fail Better It goes I think without saying that my performance was a damn sight
better than the unionists in the Dundee audience. Well I have what they and the BBC don’t it’s called credibility. Well it is I think significant evidence of the BBC bias that in a city which all MP’s and MSP’s are from the SNP that two failed Labour candidates were on the programme including one nasty piece of work who compared the SNP to Hitler Youth. Now I hate to tell the unionists and their associated parcel of rogues but we are not the party  who are giving the sectarian bigots of the loyal Orange Order the chance to parade their hate  the streets of Glasgow on St Patrick’s day whilst denying those of genuine Irish descent the chance to so that is the Labour And Unionist Party  These are not cases of failing better they are cases of failing spectacularly and illustrate why the BBC are unworthy of our licence fee and the Labour And Unionist Party are unworthy of our vote

You see the BBC have form on this issue, all through the referendum they showed their bias in favour of the no campaign and their aggressive treatment of the yes campaign showed their claim of neutrality to be blatant and barefaced lie. Since the referendum they and STV/ITN have been complicate with 98 per cent of the printed press in perpetuating an SNP bad party line which borders somewhere between pathetic and shambolic.
Though they may think otherwise this does them no favours, Scotland has woken up since that dark day in September 2014 and shows no sign of going back to sleep much to the annoyance of those who favour colonial dependence for our nation.

As a proud Irish-Scot the next few days are an important celebration for our people and our community but I want to think beyond that time and to do so by travelling back 100 years to Ireland 1916. As I make this journey I think of a nation which tired of being subjected to the imposition of laws they didn’t vote for by a government they didn’t elect stood up and said enough is enough and decided they would take no more.  100 ago this Easter years despite ferocious and fanatical opposition from a hard-line opposition within in their own land and a Westminster elite which neither cared nor understood the issues facing them  a nation took decisive steps that would begin their journey to freedom. It is my belief that in the early hours of the  6th of May the no matter the dirty tricks of a grovelling unionist establishment our nation is no longer scared and Union jacks or union hacks won’t stop  our road prohandand Scotland will have taken significant steps on the same road our Celtic cousins once walked with courage, pride, and dignity.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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