One Day I Will (A Poem For International Women’s Day)

Hey Readers This poem is my post for International Women’s Day. I have titled it by  using the theme of the theme of year One Day I Will I hope you find it an enjoyable and thought provoking read

One Day I Will

We are women
we are daughters
sisters partners wives
we get on with our lives
without fuss
we are women
can you hear us ?
maybe you can
maybe you can’t
we could be your mother,
aunt, neighbour, college, friend
yet you pretend we are invisible
when it comes to society’s rules
we are not fools
we know we’ve had
to fight for equality
and we must not forget
we walk in the shadows of heroines
suffragettes died for our right
to a voice
yet still you seek to deny us
the right to make choices
we stand proud and bold
young old or middle aged
cis or trans
you would ignore our demands
at your own risk
you see it’s like this
when I look for inspiration
I find it in struggles of those
like Rosa Parks whose quiet dignity
raised the awareness of a nation
to fight racial segregation
In Mary Barbour who led a campaign against exploitation
and organised rent strikes
which defeated the ruthless opportunism
of private landlords
who saw a chance to exploit
women whilst their men
were fighting the war to end all wars.
make no mistake women roar
when we see injustice
I think on Nicola Sturgeon
on my own grandmother
and thousands of others
who have influenced me
in small but significant ways 
like the Glasgow women
who stood up to Roosh V
and others like him
who think they can commit violence without consequences
like my friends who told me to come to my senses
and live as the woman I was born to be
encouraging me to develop my talents and skills
from young girls to senior citizens
they have empowered me
with their commitment to a fairer world
where women and girls
get paid the same rate as men
for doing the same work
skirting the issue will be one day
confined to the history books
It is my dream to live in such a world
and one day I will
because I and billions like me
won’t give up until we do.

@  Gayle Smith 2016


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