Hey Readers I know I’m a few minutes late as we are now technically in to the first few minutes of Monday morning, but this poem is my mother’s day post
and is written in loving memory of my mum Mary Robertson Russell. I’ve given it the title Reflection I hope you enjoy the read.


You taught me to value my modesty
to budget both personal and household finances
you moulded me in to a cultural conservative
who treats with caution the heart that dances
You were challenged by the son
who is now your proud daughter
who refused to conform to the limits of others.
as I put on my make up I see my reality
In a million small ways you were more than a mother

I learned many values some of which I’ve discarded
as the world has moved on and some truths didn’t hold
but I’ve lived by the book
and the rules that you gave me
though I know when I must
I can truly be bold
so I think on the lessons in life I was given
there are times to be prudent
there are times to have pleasure
as I mellow with age I give thanks for the memories
and I see your reflection as I look in the mirror

@ Gayle Smith 2016


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