Hey Readers This poem is written as thank you to Monica, Bobbi and Bjorn. Now before you ask this not a line up of an Abba tribute act but the names of a fellow poet and her friends who walked me to my bus stop after attending a spoken word event for Glasgow University Feminist Society. I really appreciate the kindness the showed me and I have written this poem entitled Sisterhood to express my gratitude to them, I hope you enjoy the read.


In the darkness of night
I head home from an evening out
conscious that I have to pass through, spaces and places
which are not in my geography of choice
this area is not safe for a woman
on her own
even armed with umbrella and mobile phone
I have to calculate the balance
between risk and dignity
I can smell pseudo masculinity
at a thousand paces
men out to prove their virility
with any woman from whom they scent vulnerability
being middle aged or trans
wouldn’t save me from unwanted attention
with apprehension I prepare to leave the venue
sensing my anxiety a fellow poet
and her friends offer to walk me to my bus stop
stay with me till it arrives
and I’m on my journey home
as I arrive back on streets   familiar but  deserted
I feel a sense of contentment
give thanks in silent prayer for friendship
a sense of sisterhood
and the knowledge that it takes a real man
to be a feminist

@ Gayle Smith 2016


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