No Favourites

Hey Readers As some of you know I have a strong maternal streak and there are certain girls who know that more than most. This is especially true of my favourite sister act one of whom winds me up or at least tries to by telling me that I favourite her sister and despite my denials she refuses to believe me when I tell her it isn’t true. Being a poet I decided to write a poem in my defence I have given it the title No Favourites I hope you enjoy the read. 

No Favourites

Sisters, the closest of bonds
both like the daughters I would like to have had
one gentle kind and assertive only when required
the other funny if slightly mad
the mask she wears to hide a caring heart
reminds me a lot of my younger self
tells me I favourite her big sister
I remind her
I don’t do favourites
I love them both for different reasons
In many ways they mirror the seasons
One  born in summer
has a touch of winter
moving from one dream to the next at double quick speed
the other more balanced like spring with shades of autumn
It should not be forgotten
there are four times of change every year
nature has no favourites
neither do I crying tears they’ll never see
for Cheryl and Jamie-Lee
the girls I love like daughters.

@ Gayle Smith 2016


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