The Card

Hey Readers  Hope you’ve all had a lovely Valentine’s Day and were suitably spoiled by those who matter most. As for this single lady I’ve had a nice relaxing day so I thought I’d write a poem about my earliest valentine’s day memory.  I’ve given it the title The Card I hope you enjoy the read

The Card

She didn’t send it by post
it wasn’t heart shaped
with flowery phrases
it was home made with badly folded paper
and drawings which passed as art
a match stick couple holding hands
and walking in to the sunset
a memory too precious to forget
she remembers being a child
and handing the card to her dad

@ Gayle Smith 2016


2 Replies to “The Card”

    1. Thanks Suzanne. It’s my earliest memory of Valentine’s Day so I wasn’t sure about writing on it let alone posting it. My dad was and remains my hero and is probably one of the main reasons I’m still single as I’ve yet to meet a man who comes close to him. I’ve always said the day I meet a man as good as my dad will be the day I know it’s time to wear a wedding dress. Thanks a lot for your kind and supportive words it means a lot to get them.

      Best Wishes
      Gayle X

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