Hey Readers In this poem I look back at my teenage years and the challenges I faced growing up trans in the socially conservative country that was Scotland in the 1970’s. This was a land in which progress was painfully slow to arrive and what will the neighbours think was used a mechanism to stifle any discussion or debate on topics considered to be outside the accepted social norms of the day. I have titled the poem Acceptance I hope you enjoy the read.


It was a different time
a time made difficult
by rules, regulations, restrictions
imposed by our betters
on how we should be living
chains of constraint
the reason I never painted my nails
tied my hair in ponytails
or wore foundation to school
I lived by the rules society set
whilst longing for the day I didn’t have to
I tried to forget what my heart knew
I couldn’t do it
I saw the truth every time I saw them
my puppy love
my summer love sensation
the ones who gave me night fever
allowed my inner diva to blossom
even in grey 1970’s Scotland
I grew up in a Scotland that knew her place
as I  knew mine
I accepted neither
I had too much self respect
to be content
with the last place in the wrong line
I never embraced
the labels placed upon me
by others
I discovered myself and liked what I found
a girl with demons and dreams
whose turbulent teens
served me well for the life to come
of course there were some
who said I disgraced them
by refusing to conform to their social norms
or go to the where  the chains might be
now, at last flying free
I remember the girl I knew
who liked the view
when she saw stars in the night
and the replaced them with rainbows in the morning
to celebrate the dawning of the women I’ve become
It is without fear or shame
I speak the name of freedom
as I move to a place of acceptance

@ Gayle Smith 2016


2 thoughts on “Acceptance

    • Hey Peter Thanks for your comment I really appreciate it and I love the fact that you liked the line on self respect. Well, if we don’t value ourselves, how can we expect others to value us.

      Best Wishes
      Gayle X

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