Parting Gift

Hey Readers This is my first political poem of the year and yes it is on Scotland and our continuing fight for Independence. You see we may have lost the referendum in 2014 but someone once said the dream shall never die and that someone, former First Minister Alex Salmond was of course right to say what he said.  To my unionist friends, and yes I do have some who may disagree with my view on this issue  I respectfully say this.  How would you feel if because you lost one vote by a narrower margin than your opponents would have liked, they told you couldn’t stand for election again. You would I suspect and quite rightly in my opinion be very angry, well now you know how many yes voters feel. Try as you might you cannot wish either Scotland or our people’s right to independence out of existence so you may as well get used to the fact because until you do your parties are finished in this country. I have
titled this poem Parting Gift  I hope friends of all persuasions  (because I hope  it challenges the wha’s like us brigade among the yes voters)  find it an interesting, thought provoking and challenging read

Parting Gift

Scotland you are
an international nation of internationalists.
you dare to think big
though some get annoyed
at your refusal to be small
that you don’t do as they would typecast
and build barriers at Hadrian’s wall
you will not go back in the box
where they think you should be placed
you have experienced a taste of democracy
and want the power it brings
you will not go quietly from this united kingdom
though eventually you will leave
take the keys to your own home
and get rid of the hand me down furniture
replacing each item with your carefully selected choice
you will sing your song
with words and tune crafted
by your authentic talents
to be heard in your voice
Scotland you will make mistakes
we all do
you must and I hope will
have the courage to own them
never blaming others for your shortcomings
you should remember that loving yourself
is the first step on the road
to truly caring for others
it’s time to get rid of the cringe
discard these rags of red white and blue
give them to the twenty second hand shop
as a parting gift to those wrapped in ermine
as you walk with dignity
to a land they can’t imagine
the robes of the rogues
always were Ill fitting garments
with no place in the Scotland
who will unpack her boxes
in a better home than this

@ Gayle Smith 2016


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