The Glasgow Girl

Hey Readers  This poem is dedicated to a 17 year old girl I had never met before Wednesday night and may never meet again. Who knows if circumstances will bring me in to contact with Charlene maybe they will maybe they won’t but what I will say is her parents have raised a daughter to be proud of. During our short conversation the chat focused on three main topics fashion, the cinema with particular reference to the film The Danish Girl, and gender identity and this switched on young girl showed an enlightened attitude which is more inclusive and respectful others than some people three or four times her age. I think they could learn a lot from her I have called the poem The Glasgow Girl  I hope you enjoy the read.

The Glasgow Girl

Waiting for someone
as I try to purchase a dress
in the cold night of winter
I decide to take time
before moving on
a girl in her teens
asks me if I’m OK
I’m fine I say
but if the person I’m meeting doesn’t arrive
I might go to see The Danish Girl
I tell her the plot
explain the story
by setting it in a personal context
I would never have guessed
she says with honesty
written in her eyes
I am surprised  but delighted by her next comment
If your not content
with your gender then change it
I mean if we’re not happy with our look
we get botox , or a boob job
we wear make up to give us
a dash of colour
I tell her I’ve  discovered
the kick ass niece I should have had
she smiles and tells me
to be happy as the woman I am
I reply that I am and thank her for treating me with respect
it shouldn’t need to be said
but I say it and mean it
but it’s how you should be treated
you are a woman she said
before adding
I might just go and see
The Danish Girl
I check the time on my phone
then this Glasgow girl departs
with a parting smile
a memory to warm the heart
a reminder of a conversation
spoken in the language of progress

@ Gayle Smith 2016


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