A Vote Of Thanks To A Martian Transvestite ( A Poem In Memory Of David Bowie)

Hey Readers Yesterday I like many others was shocked and saddened on hearing of the death of one of music’s true innovators David Bowie who passed away on Sunday after an 18 month battle with cancer aged 69. Though never a poster boy for me in the way Donny Osmond was or for that matter still is, there can be no be doubt that David Bowie influenced me more than I thought at the time. As for my favourite Bowie song,  that changes depending on my mood and that I have to say is testimony to the musical legacy he left us.  I hope this poem expresses my gratitude for that legacy, I have given it the title A Vote Of Thanks To A Martian Transvestite  I don’t know why but  I’m sure Bowie would  have approved of my choice.   I hope you enjoy the read.

A Vote Of Thanks To A Martian Transvestite ( A Poem In Memory Of David Bowie)

I’m sure I must have saw him
before that Wednesday  morning
when he was centre page story in the Daily Record
I remember liking his dress
wanting to dress in that style
I smiled at the thought
but knew a conservative society
not to mention mother
would be horrified at this  place constraints on my imagination
limit me to only what they thought acceptable
in her eyes Bowie was not respectable
I remember her saying
he looked like a Martian transvestite
and how nobody would walk the streets of Glasgow
dressed like that
It would she said bring shame on the family
If only she knew
my dad had a far more liberal view
live and let live
judge a book not by the cover
but by the contents of the pages
as they watched him on stages throughout the world
that’s what audiences did
listening to the lyrics of his songs
singing along to Starman, Life On Mars , Fame
the Golden Years came and went
yet still he kept playing
adored by the faithful crowds
he helped my inner girl come out to play
so I want to say my farewell by proposing a vote of thanks to Martian transvestite
who showed us we could love an alien
and make them heroes for a day 

@ Gayle Smith 2016


2 Replies to “A Vote Of Thanks To A Martian Transvestite ( A Poem In Memory Of David Bowie)”

    1. Hey Suzanne Glad you liked it. I hope you think it’s a fitting tribute to the genius of the man. As for Donny he still does it for me now. I will be always grateful to him for making my hormones dance and bringing out the girl in me who became the woman you know and love. Well I hope you love me lol

      Best Wishes
      Gayle X

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