Twelfth Night

Hey Readers. As you know last night was the 12th night of Christmas when the Wise Men arrived in Bethlehem to see the baby Jesus. By tradition this is the night when all the cards and decorations are taken down and put away till next Christmas. This always leaves me feeling slightly sad as I believe that returning to what passes for so-called normality also means that we lose that spirit of kindness that makes the Christmas season so magical. I may be for this reason that in 2011 I wrote this poem to sum up my feelings on Christmas and the dreaded return to the reality of our consumer society where we are all too often judged by our material possessions rather than what we can contribute  to our communities and the wider world. I have given this poem the title Twelfth Night I hope you enjoy the read. 

Twelfth Night

Decorations taken down
the tree now packed away
the cards will be recycled
we’ve finally reached the day
when wise men saw
their new born king
twelve days and nights had gone
since first the Shepard’s saw that star
they worshiped then moved on

And so the world keeps moving on
they’ll be no more room for cheer
the season of goodwill replaced
by panic, stress, and fear
we’ll rush around but go nowhere
till St Andrew puts it right
and hope and cheer
will reign once more
until the next twelfth night.

@ Gayle Smith 2011


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