Chocolates Perfume And Playing For Laughs Bring Smiles On Christmas Morning But A The Gift Of A Debt Free Future Is The Perfect Christmas Present

Hey Readers I don’t know about you but I have to say I’m very pleased with my presents this year. Not only did I get my usual  chocolate’s ,  body sprays, and girly stuff to make both my body and  bath time  smell sweeter. I also got candles and a bamboo candle holder to place them in, the complete DVD box set of Only Fools And Horses which is my opinion the best British comedy series ever made, A box of my favourite chocolates and money to buy myself to a gift set of my favourite perfume and body wash and money to spend at the sales.  I have no doubt whatsoever that some of my favourite girly brands will reap the harvest of what I have to say was an unexpected Christmas bonus.

So how did I do so well this year when I am after all a lady of leisure. Well it’s simple and it’s all down to the generosity of my flatmate Janette who got a nice wee early present from Santa in the form of some extra and unexpected cash from a payment protection insurance windfall. Though it may not have been enough to pay off the mortgage it was more than enough to settle a number bod outstanding debts and when she gave me enough money to pay off my credit card in full I was more than delighted to accept it.  Well I am a great believer in the old saying that you should never look a gift horse in the mouth. 

Being far more in line with economic thinking of John Swinney who actually is prudent with money rather than Gordon Brown who only claimed he was. The extra I was given as a wee top up to my bank balance will be used wisely and any new outfits I buy will be purchased at the sales from day wear like that black pencil skirt I have my eye on to lingerie, tights, and party dresses  I will hunt for them on the sale rails of the high streets rather than pay full price in the designer boutiques. Well why buy two or three items when you can purchase a new wardrobe for the same price? I mean it just doesn’t add up. 

No doubt some of you will be wondering if I take this sensible approach to my food shopping or my cosmetics and the answer is that I do. This may explain why Smith and Marshall mansions had its first full  Christmas fridge and  larder and for a significant number of years  Witness these pictures of full larders as what can’t speak can’t lie and yes I am proud of the fact that I managed all this on a budget that wouldn’t break the bank


Picture 1 Basic Meals If you look closely you will see a lot of Morrison’s own brands and trust me they are every bit as a tasty as the better known producers.


Picture 2 Treats And Desserts  No Christmas is ever complete without some festive treats and desserts. I have to admit I love mince pies which are in my opinion the ultimate festive snack with a cup of coffee or other refreshment to wash it down. When it comes to New Year no Scottish household can ever be without shortbread even if it is the only time of year we actually buy it. Well New Year and St Andrew’s Night.  I have to say l love shortbread and unlike so many I don’t need to wait for a day of culture significance to temp my taste buds round it. 

So food and drink catered for, it is time to show off my presents. Amongst this year’s goodies are this little collection

Picture 3  A Little Bit Girly


This collection shows three of my favourite things  Yes I promise I won’t break in to the song in the ALDI advert, but what woman doesn’t like a new make up bag, a ghost sweetheart beauty set with perfume and body wash, and of course a little bit of chocolate temptation with some Thornton’s Turkish Delight. I think it’s safe to say I liked these gifts.

Finally Picture 4 shows that laughter really is the best medicine and what could be better to tickle the funny bone than the complete  DVD box set collection of Only Fools And Horses


This to me is one of the best if not the best situation  comedy ever written. It had everything humour, with the loveable rogue that is Del Boy and his hapless if slightly more moral younger brother Rodney and a brilliant cast of highly believable characters from second hand car salesmen to village idiots who were all in their own way likable and with whom we all easily identify. Of course eventually both Del Boy and Rodney marry and I’ve never admitted this before but I wouldn’t have minded playing the part of Rodney’s wife  Cassandra. Well likable though he was I don’t think I could have married someone like Del Boy he was too much a specialist in the bullshit department it would have been like marrying a member of the Labour Party and there are some things which even I would say no to.  Seriously though I was really chuffed to get this present and for that matter all the others I was l
lucky to get and to all who have given me a present, a card or a word of encouragement or kindness I hope you had a lovely Christmas and that 2016 brings you all you wish for yourselves and those you hold close to your heart.  As for me, I start 2016 in the best financial health I’ve ever been in and that as far as I’m concerned is the best Christmas present of all.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


7 thoughts on “Chocolates Perfume And Playing For Laughs Bring Smiles On Christmas Morning But A The Gift Of A Debt Free Future Is The Perfect Christmas Present

    • Hey Dash Thanks for the follow and your kind comments on this post. Hope you have a happy, healthy and peaceful new year and thanks for being my first foot of 2016.

      Love And Best Wishes
      Gayle XXX

      • Hey Dash Hope you enjoy reading tartan tights I think you might like some of my poetry. Have followed you blog and have already read a couple of your posts, as a fifty something trans woman I think I can learn a lot from you when it comes to styling up.

        Love And Best Wishes
        Gayle XXX

  1. I could not agree more, Gayle. One of the incredible joys of now (as opposed to how it was in a life long gone) is being in control of my budget. When I was with someone whose aspirations wildly exceeded income, their personal charisma caused me to hang on to the comet’s tail as it (repeatedly) reached its zenith and inevitably plunged to disaster. For reasons I didn’t understand, I was the one charged with sorting things out, despite my natural horror of confrontation; for years, a ringing phone sent me into a panic. Now I run the household and personal finances like a business, so I always have an overview. Free-fall is as bad as it gets. Well, almost, since there was a lot of other stuff… Oh, I am SO grateful for my life!

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