Twelve Pictures Show You The Story Of A Most Glaswegian Christmas

Hey Readers  As I am sure you will know I am very proud to be Scottish what many of you may not know however,  (though Becky Bedbug does) is that I am also very proud to be Glaswegian. I mention Becky purely because during one of our early chats she inspired a poem entitled the Unseen Picture.

The reason  I wrote the poem was because I didn’t want her or not any  other of my English or non Scots friends to get the wrong impression of either my city or my country especially since we had in rather large numbers voted SNP at the UK General Election an act which sent the UK press and media in to anti Scottish hysteria as they filled both the printed press and visual media with as many negative stereotypical attitudes as they could find. Fortunately Becky and the  other friends I have made through my blogging chats have enough intelligence not to fall for this spin regarding Scotland. Glasgow however is usually the prime target for the negative stereotypes from the BBC, MSM , and their other  associated friends. So it’s with this in mind I have taken twelve photographic snapshots of my city in the run up to Christmas  so that when I talk of a certain area or event  my new friends will get more of a feel for where I’m chatting about.  I’ve titled the post Twelve pictures show you the story of a most Glaswegian Christmas. I hope by the end of the post you feel you know  me just a wee bit better than you did at beginning of this photographic  journey.

Picture 1 St Andrew’s Church, Baillieston. This is where I go to pray for you lot on Sunday morning’s. Not that you need it of course


Picture 2 A rather festive  Suzanne Egerton at The Tinsel Tales event at The Gallery Of Modern Art.


Picture 3   Me at The Tinsel Tales event reading my  Christmas poetry. Amongst the poems I read on the day were Stocking Thrillers about an attempted present gone wrong, and Christmas Lies  (Just What I’ve Always Wanted). The later poem is dedicated to everyone who has ever had to pretend they loved a Christmas present when they actually thought or no not again another disappointment. (Both poems mentioned are posted as pages on this blog).


Picture 4  George Square all lit up and a fully decorated for Christmas. (If you see any political posts I sometimes refer to it as Freedom Square to wind up certain no voters) but I mainly call it George Square or even just the Square if any of you said to me Ur Ye Gaun Tae The Square (translation Are you going to the Square that’s where I’d be heading to meet you.


Picture 5 Mark McGhee at The Christmas Fail Better. When it comes to spoken word I just can’t  get enough especially when it comes to ranting rebellious rockers like the man pictured here.


Picture 6 The Tree at The Baillieston Lights This is literally five minutes from my home and is a prominent local landmark which always looks amazing at this time of year.


Picture 7 Back to St Andrew’s to show off Our lovely Christmas Tree


Picture 8 Still at Church this snap shows a picture of what no woman can ever find on a night out at the dancing. Three Wise Men.


Picture 9 The Staircase Of The Royal Concert Hall. This venue plays a very significant part in my Christmas celebrations as it always during Christmas shopping that I make my annual pilgrimage to collect my Celtic Connections brochure for the greatest winter festival on the planet.  OK so I might be biased because of my cultural heritage but trust me this place will be seeing rather a lot of me in January, and I can’t wait to see those friends who are and will always be part of my January family.


Picture 10  This picture was taken at the festive Rally And Broad on the last Sunday before Christmas and featured the band Teen Canteen
definitely gained a new fan that day. It was the first time I’d heard them and believe me I’ll make sure it won’t be the last. Yes they really were that good and the lead vocalist Carla has a dream like quality to her voice I could listen to for hours on end.


Picture 11  No post on a  Glasgow Christmas would be complete without this picture of The Pavilion Theatre which to me at least is the traditional home of the Glasgow Pantomime


And Finally: Picture 12 The one that sums up both of the spirit of both Christmas and Glasgow. Taken in the foyer of Buchanan Street Bus Station, this seasonally decorated sign spells what this time of year is or at least should be about with one seven letter word and that word is welcome and for those of you who’ve never been to Glasgow or are a wee bit apprehensive about visiting I hope this post will help you change your mind. Yes we have our problems what city of our size doesn’t but we also have a people filled with warmth, humanity, and humour, so  to paraphrase the words of Mae West maybe you should come up and see us sometime.


Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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