The Woman I Am

Hey Readers On Friday I celebrated my transition day   so I thought I would write this poem to show you the woman I am and also let you know what I will and won’t accept in my life  Well I always was a demanding little madam. I’ve titled it The Woman I Am, because regardless of what Germaine Greer may think I am a woman. Not only that I’m woman with opinions and the ability to express them as I have in this poem.  I hope you enjoy the read.

The Woman I Am

It was cold crisp and clear
that December night
when I faced the world
as the woman I knew
I was born to be 
my gold metallic dress
specially selected
to mark the importance
of the occasion
strong women have always
been my inspiration
now by taking this step
I wanted to inspire myself
to live a better life
be the best I could.
good, but with a touch mischief
not afraid to take risks
walk on the mild side
whilst retaining the right
to be wild if I wished
dare to kiss prince or princess charming
use my charm to disarm them
no longer restricted to the rules
of what passes as conformity
yes I known a woman of my age
ought to behave in a ladylike fashion
but why shouldn’t I be passionate
this flirty fifty something
will be both feminine and feisty
as many times as I’m allowed
happier now
than at any time in my life
I waited for too many years
to enjoy myself
transition has been good for my mental health
though I am tougher than ever
on the crime of misgendering
yes folks it really is criminal
and letting people away it
just gives them the green light to do again
I won’t surrender my dreams
by providing them with subliminal messages
which suggest I may find their behavior acceptable
I don’t I find  it objectionable
morally reprehensible
and above all an insult to equal rights
I haven’t fought my fight
to be beaten by lies and outdated ideas
when I came out  I made it clear
I will be the woman I am
for good or bad
In happiness, sadness,
and temporary bouts of madness
I knew what hormones would do to me
they would not only change my appearance and shape
but also what I am willing to take
what I choose to accept or reject
respect is a must
acceptance and trust are important too
I also value loyalty
I may not have a title
but you must treat me like royalty
if you want to get anywhere with me
I look in the mirror and I like what I see
I love the woman I was born to be
though when people ask
if I have any regrets
I say yes but one only
I didn’t do it sooner
I had to wait till the time was right
so on that Friday night
I began my story
as I let the world see
the woman I knew myself to be
the woman I am

@ Gayle Smith 2015


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