When It Comes To Pampering I’ve Found The Place That Nailed It

Hey readers  As you know I am a wee bit girly and take every opportunity I can to pamper myself. Having recently bought myself a new foundation then followed it up with a new cherry red lipstick I thought since it’s Christmas I would treat myself to some beauty treatment for my nails
and give them a much needed file and polish.  Well it’s coming up to Christmas and every woman wants to look her best for such an important occasion.

Now those of you who know me well will no doubt be aware that the idea of me polishing my own nails would make as much sense as wearing a bikini in a snowstorm. Anyway, professionals do it so much better and every girl no matter her age deserves a bit of pre Christmas pampering.

It was with this in mind that I made the short journey from my home to CK1 hair and beauty studio which is literally less than a two minute walk from my home. I booked the appointment last week and had been looking forward to it ever since. On arriving at the salon at least five minutes early, for my Wednesday afternoon appointment, l can hear all my friends from the spoken word scene proclaiming that wonders will never cease, I was told to take a seat and I would be seen shortly. As I sat beside a couple of ladies they were asking if I was in to get my hair done to which I replied that I was in to get my nails polished as I had an important event to attend on Thursday afternoon (this afternoon)  To
calm my nervous energy I got this beautiful picture of the CK 1 Christmas tree.


On being called in to the treatment room  Joan the nail technician put me at my ease very quickly and showed a range of colours from which to make my choice. Eventually I settled on a deep and what I would call Christmassy red which a bit of a festive shine to it. This was perfect for party season glamour and more importantly would go well with my new cherry red lipstick.

I must admit I loved every minute of this experience and before the colour of choice was applied each nail was given filed and given a coat of clear polish. Eventually one every nail was polished in a gorgeous Christmas colour and I was delighted with the results.

The staff at this local beauty  business were friendly, helpful, and professional and I know I’ll be visiting again for all my other beauty treatments as and when I need them.  I even got a picture of my newly painted nails to show off in this post.  I think you’ll agree they look rather fetching , and the certainty attracted  some favourable comments from the girls at The Blue Chair to enjoy my weekly Wednesday night culture feast.


To get such positive feedback was especially pleasing as I was supporting a local business. Being a so-called mature woman I  have tried other salons in the past and to be fair they’ve all been of a reasonable standard but  I think this time that when it comes to pampering I’ve found the place that finally nailed it.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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