Walk Of Shame

Hey readers.  This is a poem which women will understand so much better than men and that’s because it has or will happen to us all at some stage in our lives. I’ve titled it Walk Of Shame I hope you enjoy the read.

Walk Of Shame

Hey Girls I know it’s happened to us all
that moment when your
standing waiting for a bus
and your tights decide to travel solo
from your waist down passed your hips
then your knickers want to join in the fun
you want to run
behind the bushes
spare your blushes
but there is no hiding place in sight
you ask yourself
why does always happen on the coldest night
when the only people in view
are drunks and the police
you smile awkwardly
knowing this is not good
its one of those moments
only a woman knows
the embarrassment shows
even if there is no-one around
you make the decision to walk
until you find the nearest ladies room
panicking your pace quickens
you hope your elastic doesn’t slacken
as you do the walk of shame
whilst trying to keep calm
hoping there is no sudden gust of winter wind
you can’t win on nights like this
you pray fortune’s kiss
will find  you a loo
where you can sort your issue and give thanks
your skirt was knee length

@ Gayle Smith 2015


2 thoughts on “Walk Of Shame

  1. Hi Gayle .. I met you in the library today in bailieston and I wanted to let you know I’ve red your poem and some of the blog and I think you’re a very funny and honest lady 🤗 And thanks for making me smile today.. I will read the rest of your blog later after my dinner.. It was nice meeting you hope you have a wonderful Christmas.. Claire x

    • Thanks Claire. Glad you enjoyed the poem and thanks for your kind compliments. Hope you also have a lovely Christmas and a happy and peaceful New Year.

      Love And Best Wishes
      Gayle X

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