From Puppy Love Till The End Of Time I’m Donny’s Girl And Proud Of It

Hey readers I don’t know how many of you will know this but the 9th of December is a very special day for me and since it is still the 9th December in the USA I can still post on this very important topic.

I wonder if you’ve guessed the significance of this date or why it’s so important to me. No it’s not my birthday that doesn’t happen till July, as you can probably tell from my naturally sunny disposition I am was born a child of summer. So what can be the reason for this cold winter’s day being one of my favourite days of the year?

Well since I don’t want to cause an international incident I think Donald Trump and Tyson Fury have done more than enough damage on that score, let me make it clear that though I do like the occasional trip down the Weatherfield cobbles my joy on this day is in no way connected with the fact that this day is when Coronation Street celebrates its birthday. 
I will however state that birthdays or to be more precise one particular birthday may be the reason why this day above all others brings a smile to my face.

You see it was on this day in 1957 that a certain Donny Osmond was born.  Yes the very same Donny Osmond who was my first ever crush when Iat the tender age of  11 finally admitted if only to myself that I was born to be a girl. Indeed like millions of girls in Scotland, Britain, and the rest of the world I convinced myself I was born to be Donny’s Girl. So much did I want to be Donny’s Girl I insisted to my mum that I had to get an increase in my pocket money as I wanted to join the Osmond’s fan club and buy Jackie which was basically the essential read for all teenage and some press teen girls  in the 1970’s. The fact that it may have your heartthrob on the front or as the centre page spread was also a welcome bonus.

Negotiating with my mother was not easy but I persisted and eventually not only did I get my increase I also got my Donny posters plastered all over my bedroom wall and my much prized membership card as my fan club goodies arrived in the post. In the Presbyterian Scotland of the time this was a big deal  and trying to convince let me have some of her clothes (it’s a trans girl’s nightmare growing up with no sisters) was an even harder fight though it was a fight I would eventually win and I would start a long
journey and travel a road which has finally made me the woman I am.

So you I have a lot to smile about on this day. It was Donny Osmond who was in many ways responsible for my awakening and all through the years as I have slowly but gradually progressed to the place where I can be the woman I am, that initial first crush grown in to a much deeper love and you know even now I still fancy him like crazy. So it’s official Donny Osmond my first ever poster boy can do things to my hormones that no other man will ever come close to. From the first time I laid eyes on him in the summer of 72 I knew he was a keeper and it was so much more than puppy love. If you need any proof on this then please go to some of the poems on this site particularly  Kilts And Kisses,  Poster Boy,  and Yesterday When I Was Young
and I think you’ll get where I’m coming from. 

At the start  of this post I said Donny made me smile as I conclude I smile again as I wish my darling a very happy birthday with lots of hugs and kisses. Why do i do this well I do to prove young love can last and also to say loudly, clearly, and with all my heart that from puppy love till the end of time I’m Donny’s Girl and proud of it.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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