Why Alex Salmond Touched A Red Raw Nerve When He Spoke On The Sins Of The Son

Hey everyone If we are to believe the tabloid Tories of the right wing press or their Ministry of Visual Media aka The BBC or their privatised arm sky news which is always a fatal mistake in my opinion a middle of the road MP of mediocre ability made what those in the chattering classes like to call a barnstorming speech. What this really means is that they liked it and they think it’s very important for their ego’s that we like it too.

Unfortunately for them many of us are not sufficiently unhinged to oblige them in this game of self indulgence they so often like to play Those of us who could actually see this, could also see that the emperor far from having a brand new shiny red suit in which he would come to the rescue of his party was exposed as wearing nothing but his birthday suits though to be fair it was covered from head to toe in Union flag tattoos.  In other words the Honourable Gentleman concerned was nothing more than a party hack who was doing the government’s bidding. There was however a mild problem with the Honourable Gentleman’s stance. You see the man making this so-called barnstorming speech on behalf of the government’s desire to launch air strikes on Syria was actually the man who should have been opposing it. Yes it  was none other than The Labour Party’s Foreign Affairs spokesperson The Right Honourable Hilary Benn MP.

For those of you who are not politically minded, it is my duty to point out that  Hilary Benn has a very famous political father. You see Hilary is the son of the late Labour MP Tony Benn and believe me the contrast between the politics of the two men could not be greater Tony the left wing firebrand and Hilary the darling of the New Labour right who despite having a father that millions of people revered listed Tony Blair as one of his greatest political heroes. On learning this I was possibly for the only time in my life completely and totally speechless and I wasn’t the only one.  Indeed SNP Foreign Affairs spokesman Alex Salmond went as far as to say that Hilary Benn’s late father would be ‘birlin in his grave’ to hear his son make such a pro war speech.

Needless to say this caused hysteria in the unionist press and the usual suspects none of them great friends of The Labour Party far leas of the socialism were foaming at the mouth with self righteous indignation at Mr Salmond’s perfectly valid comments. This is of course par for the course when it comes to British attitudes to the SNP and its all because we won’t go back in the nice parochial stereotypical box they had prepared for us after their rather fortunate and somewhat hollow victory in the independence referendum.

Personally I think it is time that the unionist press and media and more especially the Westminster establishment need to start paying my party which in terms of both seats and party membership is the third largest in the United Kingdom a wee bit more respect instead of smearing us with what they know to be hysterical headlines for their Tory masters.

This latest bashing of Alex Salmond is just the latest in a long line of examples, the most notable of which was the deliberate and false smearing of Mr Salmond’s successor as First Minister Nicola Sturgeon by the fanatically pro Tory Daily Telegraph who ran a story based on a leak from the then Scottish Secretary  Liberal  Democrat MP for Orkney And Shetland Alasdair
Carmichael  which they knew to be false claiming that it was Ms Sturgeon’s wish to the Conservative Party re-elected to govern the UK rather than the opposition Labour Party.
This  attack on Mr Salmond  is
to me  at least just another example of the rather sad and pathetic demonising of the SNP by those not intelligent enough to deal with the truth which in this case is the fact that the vote on air strikes showed just how deeply divided The Labour Party is under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn.  Make no mistake this is not a party fit for purpose and these latest internal divisions have cruelly exposed their many weaknesses.

This you see is the real story in British politics at the moments but its the story that the pro unionist establishment do not want you to know about.  So instead of asking questions of the new Labour leadership the Scottish or should I say North British colonialists prefer to blame the SNP for everything from food banks, to an increase in crime which by the way is at a 40 year low, from poverty to the fact the Labour Party is a shambles and they do this in the hope we’ll go away.  Well I hate to inform these poor deluded souls but they can’t wish us out of existence no matter how much they want to. This refusal to play the game by their rules means at least to our opponents that it makes perfect sense that they as Westminster establishment aided and abetted by  vtheir friends in the north will run with more of what the Twitter followers know as the SNP bad way of thinking as this seems to fit in with their rather limited imaginations.

The problem with this approach is as has been  demonstrated by countless opinion polls and local council by elections is that this strategy is failing quite dramatically as the SNP continue to maintain a healthy lead in the polls and have won 24 of the 26 by elections since the General Election in which the opposition of all unionist hue s were well and truly put to the sword. Believe me the unionists are angry and that is the reason why they in all their forms and guises they were so quick to jump on Alex Salmond’s comment rather than focus on the deep divisions within their own ranks.

Now far be it for me to do their work for them but I really do believe this is a task I must undertake in the name of democracy. You see I think the main stream media are missing the point on this issue as by focusing on Alex Salmond they are deliberately neglecting to reflect public opinion on this important matter most of which was against air strikes. Also annoying as I’m sure Mr Salmond’s comment was to our colonial masters, the fact that Jeremy Corbyn who is after all Mr Benn’s own party
leader refused to applaud his own Foreign Secretary is I think a much bigger story than anything an SNP front bench spokesman even one as high profile as Alex Salmond may have said. Indeed the veteran Labour MP Dennis Skinner a long time political ally of Tony Benn went much further when he said in a highly emotional tweet ‘Those of us who admired and respected Tony Benn are waiting for a cock to crow as his son denies him’ This however went largely unreported in press and media circles. This I have to say does not surprise me in the slightest as we all know how good the chattering classes are when it comes to hiding things they don’t want you finding out.

It for that reason all sections of the British establishment went in to collective overdrive against Alex Salmond. It wasn’t because they have developed any sudden liking for The Right Honourable Hilary Benn MP. Nor was it because they wanted to preserve the reputation of his father The Right Honourable Gentleman who was the Late Tony Benn MP a man this self seeking servants completely despised. Far easier for them to ignore the comments from the late MP’s real friends and comrades and blame it all on those nasty Nats and that Alex Salmond so long the favourite bogeyman of all those who are part of the unionist chattering classes.

This time however their imagined enemy really has landed a knock out blow on the double barrelled double chinned brigade and he’s done it to use another boxing metaphor by landing a quality left hook to the glass jaw of his opponents and has a touched a red raw nerve by reminding us that Tony Benn was a man of principal and exposing the sins of his warmongering son.

It should come as no great shock to anyone that it was only the Conservative Members Of Parliament who cheered Benn’s speech, In fact they not cheered they applauded wildly it should be noted when SNP applauded the maiden speech of Mhairi Black we were called hooligans but when The Tories do it to celebrate a warmongering speech by a so-called Labour MP it’s called an emotional patriotic outburst. It would seem the unionists like to remind us that their favourite game is not football, rugby, or even cricket despite its popularity in the home counties of England but a secret game so loved by Westminster entitled Double Standards. Last week Alex Salmond exposed this game for what it is and in doing so showed that no matter how many values and principles your parents teach you sometimes the child just doesn’t measure up. I think, in conclusion we should remind ourselves that there is also one letter of difference between Tony or Tory. Last week Hilary Benn got his choice of letter wrong, and though I’m sure his father was proud of his son on a personal level, I have no doubt he would be deeply ashamed of his politics

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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