The Night The Mask Of Respect Came Off We Saw The Colours Behind It

Hey everyone Last night a man showed his employers he wasn’t up to the job they trusted him to do. This in itself is not unusual in all probability it happens every day to both men and women. This time however the circumstances are slightly different. You see the man in question is the Prime Minister of The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland The Right Honourable David Cameron MP.

In an astonishing display of petulance unworthy of a Primary One child on the grounds the child would be too mature, Mr Cameron launched an emotional and in my opinion hysterical appeal to his fellow Conservative MP’s in which he warned them to back air strikes in Syria and not to vote against the motion as those who did would be terrorist sympathisers.

This attack on his political opponents was at best Ill judged and that is the kindest thing I can bring myself to say about this style of kindergarten politics. This is a time when as Prime Minister David Cameron should have been attempting to unite the country and speaking on behalf of the nation. Instead he decided to launch an astonishing attack on anyone who dared to attack his position and claim the case for going to war which is effectively what we will be doing if parliament votes for air strikes had not been made. 

Now as a political activist  myself I realise that Parliament is a passionate place and that our elected members will have strongly held opinions on the issues of the day and that inevitably in such an adversarial system of democracy as we have in the United Kingdom this will result in some very heated clashes but to accuse your fellow parliamentarians of being terrorist sympathisers just because they exercise the right to express in different opinion to yourself is wrong.  It is even more wrong when the  Right Honourable Gentleman making the accusation is the Prime Minister of your country the politician you look to for leadership at times of crisis. Last night David Cameron showed by making this unprovoked and unprecedented attack on all of those who disagreed with his views he was not the man to provide the leadership we need at what is undoubtedly a challenging time for humanity.

On Monday I was angry with Jeremy Corbyn for what I saw as his lack of leadership as by allowing his party a free vote he has particularly assured that David Cameron will get his way and Britain will launch air strikes on Syria. However much as I am not a member of Mr Corbyn’s  fan club I refuse to label him a terrorist. Indeed I share his views on this issue but I am dismayed by his lack of judgement on it.  Yet again as on so many issues since the General Election it has been the Scottish National Party who have taken the moral leadership on matters of importance and to be honest I can’t see that changing any time soon.

You see the SNP and our sister nationalist parties in Wales and Ulster unlike  Labour do not need to worry winninginning votes in the Tory shires of Middle England  This means they are genuinely free to vote with their conscience on the issues of the day. The sad fact is that the current view of the Parliamentary Labour Party
does not reflect the views of a membership which has taken a decisive turn to the left in the aftermath of the election. 

Whether this leftward turn is any more than a passing phase I don’t know but what I do know is that however much I may disagree with The Labour Party I would not call them terrorists is not language of responsible politics and its use only polarises opinion for the short term politics of populism. 

Whilst in the short term this may serve Cameron well especially with his own core vote such behavior is unbecoming of the office he holds and I believe he must seriously consider his position and whether he should remain as Prime Minister 

As for my own view on this topic, my position couldn’t be clearer. I oppose air strikes just as I opposed war in Iraq and for the same reasons. 
To me this has nothing to do with war on ISIL how can it when the west including Britain armed them to the teeth to fight against the forces of President Assad. This is about oil nothing more nothing less, anyone who says otherwise is to use that well known political euphemism being economical with the truth. 

Now I realise that language may be slightly on the strong side for some people but having said that I will not label my opponents as terrorists or terrorist sympathisers. That is not the way I do things, it is not the democratic way.  On coming to power in coalition with the Liberal Democrats in 2010 Mr Cameron promoted what he called a respect agenda where all people regardless of their views who would be treated fairly and have their opinions valued. Last night even to the most fervent of optimists that mask finally and fatally slipped and we saw the true blue Tory colours behind it.  Believe me when I say it was not a pretty sight.  Having failed to make the case for war David Cameron resorted to smears to win the day. By the end of this evening due to parliamentary arithmetic he may very well have achieved his aim but it is the opinion of this blogger he will have lost all credibility with the country due to the thoughtless and cowardly words he used last night.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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